Have you seen CCOKC? (Pronounced ‘c*ck’)

Kirk Cameron was the star in a phenomenally popular sitcom in the eighties called Growing Pains. Mamamia’s Bec Sparrow is on record as saying she wanted to have his babies.

But Bec has grown up, as has Kirk, and someone else had his six babies.

These days Kirk Cameron’s is becoming better known for his ultra conservative Christian views than his acting. He recently appeared on a US talk show where he said he believed being gay is ‘detrimental and destructive.’

A bunch of former child stars have banded together to make this hilarious response to Kirk’s comments. Even if you have no clue who they, or Kirk Cameron is, it’s worth a watch and a share.

And speaking of child stars, here are some of our favourites.

Macaulay Culkin

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