Why do they call it Boxing Day? Because it’s a fight man, a serious fight, a fight for BOX OFFICE AND CINEMATIC GLORY.

Boxing Day is the biggest day of the year for movie-going and it’s a big deal for the films vying for Golden Globe and Oscars, as to WHICH of the films that come our that day will make the best sales.

And this year? We have a real fight on our hands.

In the blue corner, it’s Anne Hathway with Les Miserables, where she plays a destitute French prostitute, struggling to pay for her daughter’s upbringing. And in the red corner, it’s Samuel L Jackson in Django, in which his character works for a sadistic owner of slaves in the American South.

Fun times indeed. But WHICH movie is sadder? Whose film is the MOST dark, depressing and soul destroying? Whose character faces a tougher battle to overcome their demons?

Jackson and Hathaway do (side splitting, freaking ri-DONK-ulously hilarious) battle right here:

(NB: Language not safe for work.)

Thanks to Funny or Die.

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