Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist is the cool older sister of Glee you need to watch now.

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When it comes to TV musical offerings, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist strikes the perfect chord.

Stan’s new musical dramedy series can best be described as the cool, older sister of the hit series Glee, thanks to the way it reimagines popular songs and uses them to tell a new narrative.

It could also be described as the more humorous cousin of the Oscar-winning movie La La Land thanks to its infectious, toe-tapping musical numbers and famed choreographer Mandy Moore, who, before the series, also taught Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling to dance in La La Land’s most famous scenes.

In Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Jane Levy (Suburgatory) plays our titular leading lady Zoey, a coder at a hipster-filled tech startup in San Francisco, run by a brilliant yet slightly terrifying woman named Joan (Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham).

When we first meet her, Zoey is in a bit of an anxious state.

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She’s up for a management position at work, and despite being one of the most qualified staff members of her otherwise male-filled team, she stumbles badly in the job interview when she’s unable to properly explain her contribution to the company or why she’d make a good leader.

Meanwhile, in Zoey’s personal life, things are not faring any better.

She spends most of her free time at her childhood home as her father Mitch (The O.C.’s Peter Gallagher) has become nearly incapacitated by a rare neurological condition and can no longer speak or move without assistance, causing Jane’s mother Maggie (Mary Steenburgen) to drop everything else in her life to care for him.

Spurred on by the fear of her father’s surprise diagnosis, and a series of painful headaches she has started experiencing, Zoey books herself in for a doctor’s appointment.

It’s here that an earthquake, an MRI machine and a booming playlist coincide to change Zoey’s life forever.

Now Zoey, who had never been much of a fan of music before, has been transformed into somewhat of a human antenna.

She can now pick up the hidden feelings, thoughts and grievances of the people around her, all who now break out into songs only she can hear and perform dance numbers only she can see.


At first, Zoey is (understandably) quite terrified by her newfound ability – which first manifests itself via a rendition of The Beatles’ Help! where strangers dance around Zoey in the street – but she slowly becomes more open to the fact that life is now her own private musical.

"Zoey has been transformed into somewhat of a human antenna." Source: Stan.

Like any good musical offering, the strength of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist comes from the perfect way it heightens its character's deepest moments of joy, sadness and discovery through music.

In one scene, we see Joan transform from just being Zoey's demanding boss into a woman trapped in a toxic marriage, and then into a powerhouse business owner in her own right, all while belting out hits by Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

In another, Zoey's coworker and best friend Max (Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect, who is in his element here) bursts into a Jonas Brothers number in the middle of a staff meeting, dancing his way through the office, and much to Zoey's shock, professing his love for her.

Using a score of iconic songs (everything from Whitney Houston's greatest hits to tunes from Jesus Christ Superstar are weaved throughout the story), Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist touches beautifully on the highs and lows of Zoey's new power.

On one hand, she feels extreme guilt for using her mad new musical mind-reading abilities to forge a connection with the guy she's crushing on, while on the other is filled with pure joy when it gives her a new way of communicating with the father she thought was forever lost to her.

While Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist is funny, romantic and at times downright sad, it's the new show guaranteed to always have you dancing around your living room.

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