Instagram users are worried about Victoria Beckham's feet and they are just fine, thanks.

Victoria Beckham‘s feet have caused much confusion in the past 72 hours.

(Didn’t expect to read that on a Monday morning, did ya?)

You see, the former Spice Girl and current fashion designer’s oldest son, Brooklyn, posted a picture of his mum on Instagram.

In it, she’s kicking back in a pool with a drink in hand. In signature VB style, she’s wearing huge sunglasses and not quite smiling.

But it was the ends of her legs that fans quickly fixated on.

Miss you @victoriabeckham

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“Am I the only one confused bc her feet look weird?,” one follower wrote.

“Look at the state of them…[they] look like stumps lol,” said another.

Could this be the world’s newest mystery? Is it worthy of a true crime podcast?

Um, no.

As many followers pointed out, she was just pointing her toes.

“I believe she is pointing them to make her legs appear long, [it’s] a ballet/model thing,” one wrote.

Case closed. You can sleep easy again.

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