Victoria Beckham is the new architect behind Meghan Markle's wardrobe.

When you start a new job, it can take a while to get your work wardrobe sorted.

There’s so much anxiety – knowing what length of skirt is appropriate, and if it’s OK to wear spaghetti strap dressy singlets (or, say, head to toe leopard print sparkles if you’re in the Mamamia office).

But if you’re Meghan Markle, there’s not much room to get it wrong. Namely because she’s got hundreds of extra long telephoto lenses pointed at her face and millions of people decoding the secret messages hiding in her brown hat. And shoes. Because all of her clothes are trying to tell us things, some people think.

So to sort out some work-appropriate outfits for her new job – being a royal in training, that is – the future Duchess of Sussex is enlisting help from another kind of British royalty.

Victoria Beckham, England’s unofficial Queen of Style.

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The fashion designer and style icon is giving her friend Markle fashion advice for the now many royal public engagements she has to attend and represent the royal family at, Vanity Fair’s Royal Watch reports.

“They get along well and have been in touch recently. Meghan really likes Victoria’s style and was keen to pick her brains about pulling together a working wardrobe. She loves Victoria’s elegant but smart dresses, so expect her to wear one very soon,” a ‘friend’ of Beckham’s said.

“Victoria’s quite proud of the fact that she and Meghan have become chummy and seems to want people to know they are friends,” said the friend. “Of course, if Meghan wears one of her outfits it will be great for business.”


Beckham’s signature style of clean, polished lines and monochrome colours aligns closely with a lot of what we’ve seen of the former Suits actress’ fashion sense, and they’ve had “at least one meeting” to decide which items of clothing will least offend her grandmother-in-law be most appropriate for her new role.

Have you ever seen someone walk in the rain so glamorously? The answer is no. Image: Getty.
Meghan's royal style is very Victoria-esque... without the fun accessories, of course. Image: Getty.
"Wear black... always," Victoria told Meghan. We assume. Image: Getty.
"See?" Image: Getty.

As Beckham's 'friend' (distant friend, most likely) also helpfully pointed out, it's win-win for all involved. Markle gets to continue tip toeing along the line between 'cool, modern feminist woman' and 'traditional royal'.


And the bottom line of Beckham's self-titled fashion label gets a much needed top up - Markle wearing a Victoria Beckham-designed cashmere sweater in one of the images from her engagement photo shoot caused a 'Kate Middleton effect' frenzy, selling out the product.

We'd also really love it if Beckham could help us pick out our work outfits too. For free, if possible.