"We can't wait to meet you." Turia Pitt is pregnant with her second child.

Author and motivational speaker, Turia Pitt has announced she’s expecting her second child with husband, Michael Hoskin.

The 32-year-old shared a Beyonce-inspired video montage on Instagram, which featured shots of her growing belly, and touching footage of her life with Michael, and their one-year-old, Hakavai.

“When Michael and I want to share big news, I insist on creating a Beyonce-inspired video montage. Baby #2, we can’t wait to meet you,” she wrote in the Instagram caption.

“PS I promise we’ll find you a more appropriate name soon.”

They have yet to disclose the sex, or due date of their second child.

Turia gave birth to her first child, Hakavai in December 2017, and has since been very honest about her parenting experience.

“Parenting is hard. I’ve got a baby that sleeps, a supportive partner, parents and in-laws on speed dial, heaps of mates who’ve had babies and I’m still finding it really challenging and exhausting,” she shared in an Instagram post from in January last year.

She’s also spoken of the soaring highs.


“You know that feeling of falling in love? It’s kind of like you’re high (thank you dopamine and oxytocin),” she wrote early this year.

“Having a baby is like having this feeling on tap. It’s like the honeymoon phase that never ends.”


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This year, the former marathon runner also released her first book, Good Selfie, which she hopes will teach her fans, and her son, resilience.

“As a parent you want your kids to be happy,” she told Mamamia in July, 2019.

“But I know it’s not realistic that Hakavai is going to be happy all of the time, because of course he’s not going to always get picked for the sports team or maybe he’ll have his heart broken by a girl – all of these are very normal challenges that we face.

“I really want to encourage him to grow self-belief and get that sense that if he puts his mind to something, he can make anything happen, and that was my hope behind the book.”

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