This week wasn't the first time we'd seen Dr Stuart Kidd on TV.

Warning: This article contains details of child sexual abuse and suicide.

This week, Australians watched as Dr Staurt Kidd shared his harrowing experiences of sexual assault on ABC’s You Can’t Ask That.

It was difficult but important viewing, hearing the 60-year-old child sexual abuse survivor from the Blue Mountains speak of the abuse he and his little brother suffered, beginning from when he was just a toddler.

Tragically, it then emerged that Dr Kidd took his own life two months before his story went to air.

Now, earlier footage of Dr Kidd and his family appearing on the popular reality show Gogglebox has resurfaced, giving us an insight into the caring and funny husband and father who was lost too soon.

Videos from the 2015 Gogglebox series show the father-of-two laughing and telling jokes with his wife Janet, two sons Roger and Michael, and his daughter-in-law Elena.

Watch the Kidd family at a happier time on Gogglebox below. Post continues after video.

Video via Gogglebox

In one moment, Dr Kidd can be seen telling his daughter-in-law a joke about ‘double negatives’, a joke it appeared his family had heard many times before. He also enjoyed a glass of wine with his family, clinking glasses with his wife and sharing a loving glance.

At the time, The Blue Mountains Gazette spoke to a representative of the show about the Kidds’ newfound TV fame, which she said they merely saw as a way to spend more time together as a family.

“Janet and Stuart didn’t think anything of the request at first, but saw it as a way to get the kids to come home more often,” she said.

Following Wednesday night’s episode of You Can’t Ask That, Janet said she was “proud” of her husband for “putting his story out there”.

“My husband was a survivor of complex early childhood trauma for over 55 years. He had been sexually assaulted from a disgustingly early age. He never stopped trying to find help and healing. He was acutely aware of the terrible effect his struggles had on us, his family,” she said.

You Can’t Ask That‘s series producer/director Aaron Smith also paid tribute to Dr Kidd and the “profound impact” his appearance on the show would have on raising awareness of abuse survivors.

“In the very short time we knew Stuart, we were struck by his honesty, openness, strength and resolve in dealing with traumatic childhood experiences,” Mr Smith said.


“Stuart’s contribution to You Can’t Ask That will have a lasting and profound impact on the audience, helping to reduce stigma and increase awareness and understanding for survivors of sexual assault. We share our heartfelt condolences with Stuart’s family and friends.”

Dr Stuart Kidd with wife Janet on Gogglebox: Image: Supplied.

During his episode, Dr Kidd shared intimate, horrific details of the abuse he was subjected to throughout his childhood and adolescence, and how it continued to negatively impact upon his life.

“I was raped both ends by men 30, 40 years older than myself. And then by an older boy who I thought … I thought was a friend. And then by older men again as a teenager,” he said. “I was just being myself being a boy, paying the consequences for it.”

“I tried to suicide when I was 11 three times because I was such a piece of filth that the world needed to be rid of me. Deep down, despite 30 years of therapy, I still think it’s my fault."

He also acknowledged his own personal strength, which many will remember him for.

"The most useful fact is that my therapists, the repeated line has been 'we cannot believe that you have performed, that you managed to get through university, to become a doctor, to work overseas, to work in a third world country in an appalling environment and you've managed to carry on a career for 35 years'," he said.

"Because I'm a fucking miracle."

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