A man named Stefan just offered some simple fertility advice and... Sir, no.


Isn’t it just the best when men with penises give fertility advice?

So helpful and great. We wish they would do it more often.

Luckily, Stefan Molyneux, a far-right Canadian YouTuber who is known for his white supremacist views, has stepped up to the plate this weekend to offer us some tips.

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You see, Stefan has just reminded us that we are merely baby making vessels who become dried up, useless walls of flesh by age 30 with nothing but our career success to live for in our sad, baby-less lives. In fact our eggs are drying up as we type this because we forgot to listen to Mother Nature. Silly us!


“Ladies, by the time you are 30, 90% of your eggs are dead. Get married young, have your babies, THEN have your career. You have 40 years to work if you want to, you only have a short time to have children. Listen to Mother Nature – she loves you and wants you to be happy. :)”



The whole sentiment of the tweet is essentially the internet version of someone yelling “tik tok!” to a woman with no kids – who may not even want kids – which has never, in history, gone down well.

Not only is it entirely messed up for him to feel he has any say in such a conversation, there’s something about the condescending way in which he addresses us “ladies” and bookends his outrageous statement with a smiley face that makes our skin crawl.

The now-viral tweet has triggered a tidal wave of backlash, with the people of Twitter hitting back with hilarious shots of their own.

“This is such interesting advice from a man who doesn’t have a vagina,” one said.

Another replied: “Women are not incubators. Thanks.”

“My eggs just threw up and want you to never speak of them again. And that’s not even scientifically accurate,” proclaimed another.

And a personal favourite: “Dear Stefan, never address ‘ladies’ again, you sound like a lonely farmer, talking to livestock . Women can do what the f*** they want, including never having babies at all.”

But there’s plenty more where that came from:




Sir, kindly sit down. The internet has spoken and we do not want any advice related to our eggs from you.

Not even the ones we eat for breakfast.