"I only holiday with Type A people." 12 women share their 'rules' for travelling with mates.

After years of uncertainty, it's good to know travelling is pretty much back.

While it may be nice to travel solo (as you get to be the captain of your own ship) it is much safer, more enjoyable and more cost-effective when we explore the world with our friends. 

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Whether you're only going down to the coast for a weekend away, or shipping off for a trip around the world, you can bet there will always be at least one rule we have to follow.

Which got us thinking about the one rule every woman demands to be followed when travelling. To figure it out, Mamamia asked our wider community to share with us the rules they have when travelling with mates. 

Here's what they had to say.

'Beem It and Splitwise is our best friend.'

"It's really important to my friends and I that we stay on top of our finances so we insist everyone coming on the trip has Splitwise or Beem It installed on their devices. Beem It has groups now so you can add in the cost of a single item and it will be split evenly by everyone in the group. It is so brilliant and has saved us from having a lot of awkward conversations!" - Billy.

'No one waits for anyone else.'

"My friends and I have long let go of the notion that we need to be with each other every second of the day. That is boring and I don't want to spend every second with my family, let alone my chosen family! We usually have one or two group activities planned like a dinner or horse riding (random example) and then we split up for the evening or something like that. I prefer it this way." - Amanda.

'Everyone puts in the same amount.'

"Beware of that one friend who is always a round behind or forgets to put in money for the hotel or Airbnb, but always gets the best room. Sometimes they’re the partner of a mate travelling with you. Either way, it becomes cumbersome when you’ve paid more than them for the same holiday." - Amelia.

'Prepare for a mental breakdown because it will probably happen.'

"I'm the holiday planner of my group and I plan holidays for people who are quite unorganised so it literally stresses me out to no end. I basically plan for an evening to myself where everyone has to leave me be or else I will cry in my room. I know how anal I sound, but they're literally like my family so I can't cut them off – and also, they still love me despite my flaws, anyway!" - Liza.

'Don't go into it with rose-coloured glasses.'

"If you're planning for a trip, I would follow my advice... or rather, rule. I have travelled Europe a few times and during the very first trip I learnt how important it was to keep my expectations low and to not go into it all with rose-coloured glasses. I loved my bestie but by week three of the seven-long-week trip, I wanted to abandon her in the middle of the ocean. I thought we would end up more connected than ever but it almost ruined us. Now I know that my travel plans are not as important as having a good time! I try not to stress and I make sure no one else is either!" - Isabella.

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'Plans are there for a reason.'

"Hate it when people don't follow plans or carry through with activities or meals. It's happened a bunch of times, so I try to only holiday with Type A people, or in a group that I know doesn't mind following plans. It is quite annoying to pay for someone else's set meal because they decided to go party somewhere else and refused to make a reservation. It's even worse when they claim they forgot – we have a group calendar for a reason!" - Brooke.


'Dirty laundry gets hidden.'  

"My friends know I am a clean freak and I have a slight phobia of other people's dirty socks, underwear... actually any dirty laundry really, but MOSTLY underwear. It grosses me out and I can't eat for the rest of the day if I see it. When my friends and I go on a trip, I usually just pay extra for my own room because my friends are not as clean as me. However, if we must share rooms or spaces, then I remind everyone to bring big bin bags (I bring spares anyway), so their laundry can go in there. It makes me feel better, and it makes our space much nicer so overall, I don't really care if I am being annoying about it!

"I also hate dirty towels and soaking wet floors. So I usually go in after everyone has a shower and clean the floor (long strands hair on the ground makes me feel physically ill too)." - Michelle. 

'Everything is communal.'

"Not sure if I am the only one, but my girlfriends and I LOVE weekends or mini trips away out of the city and so we rent a massive Airbnb and just go crazy. As such, we sort of made a pact a few years ago that we would just shop for essentials instead of bringing them with us. So toothpaste, extra toilet paper, condiments, shampoo and conditioner, etc. all gets split between the group. 

"It makes sense because so many people used to forget their items, and we would argue over who owned what." - Jamila. 

'If you can't keep track of your costs, then you won't be invited away again.'

"I have a close-knit group of friends that had to cut someone off about a year ago because they could not keep track of their spending. He would order expensive dishes because he heard we would be doing shared and plates and splitting the bill, eat a majority of that exxy dish and then demand we split everything equally. He also would go broke when we had two or three days of the holiday left and while we wouldn't mind covering for him, it happened a few times in a row. It was always a major hassle to get the money back. 

"Last year, we cut him off after he asked us to pitch in for a new secondhand car he was getting because he was planning on taking our luggage in his vehicle for a road trip. We were dumbfounded. Absolutely dumbfounded. Cut him off and I haven't spoken to him since. So now I have decided not to associate with people who do not have somewhat of a good grasp on their money." - Rory. 


"I hate mansplaining. My best friend does it and I am currently on a trip in Europe with him and it is grinding every gear I have. I don't care about how pizza is made in Italy and I don't want to be explained something that is already totally obvious (i.e. you catch a train to get from one country to another in Europe). I have actually spoken to this person and told them they should try to think about every sentence they say before speaking it out loud. I love this person to bits, but I don't think I could ever go on another overseas trip with them. It is ruining my mojo." - Annie.

'Find My Friends stays ON.' 

"Everyone has to turn on ‘find my friends’ on their phone for each of the group members to be able to find each other.

"Two of my travel friends are wanderers. The hours I spent trying to find them after a drunken night when they had wandered off 'on an adventure' was maddening.... Aghhh. New rule meant I could find them much quicker, and it was particularly useful when my friend had her drink spiked and vanished. We were able to track her down within 15 minutes." - Clare.

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