A year ago Rory and Belinda Sloane lost their stillborn son. This week, they welcomed a baby boy.

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Belinda Sloane, the wife of Adelaide Crows captain, Rory Sloane, has given birth to their second child: a baby boy.

In simultaneous Instagram posts on Tuesday night, the couple shared that they had welcomed little Sonny Leo Sloane into the world on Monday September 16.

Their son’s name pays tribute to their first child, Leo, who was tragically stillborn in August 2018.


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Sonny Leo Sloane Welcome to this world my little man ✨

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✨ Sonny Leo Sloane ✨ Welcome to the world 16.09.19

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Leo’s story: “He was perfect.”

Just last month, Belinda and AFL star Rory partnered with Red Nose to start Lion Warrior, a campaign that aims to raise funds for vital research into stillbirth.

In a launch video, the couple opened up about Leo’s story, starting with the overwhelming joy they felt when Belinda fell pregnant through a single round of IVF.

“I remember just the relief, the joy, the realisation that we were going to be parents,” Rory said. “That was a pretty cool feeling knowing that pretty soon I was going to be a dad.”

The pregnancy progressed smoothly, until the 34-week mark when Belinda grew concerned about Leo’s sudden lack of movement.

They went to the hospital for an ultrasound.

“I said to [the midwife] ‘there’s not a heartbeat is there’, and she just said, ‘No, unfortunately there’s no heartbeat’,” Belinda said through tears. “And I can’t even really remember the moments that followed that, to be completely honest. I couldn’t cry; I was just in complete shock.”

Leo was stillborn on August 24, 2018.


“I certainly never thought I could feel so much love. I just wanted to change the outcome so badly,” Rory said. “He was perfect… He looked like a perfectly healthy baby, but he’s not breathing.

“I remember looking across and Belinda holding her little son in her arms, and him obviously being lifeless. It’s so hard to explain, but the joy on Belinda’s face but also matched with the sorrow was… it was heartbreaking.”

“It’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that he’s there,” Belinda added, “and everyone is telling you everything was perfect with him, but we still can’t take him home.”

In social media posts to promote Lion Warrior, the couple explained their decision to share their story.

“Over the past year we have learnt so many valuable lessons from our gorgeous Leo. He continues to shape the people we are today,” Rory wrote.

“Our hope is that by sharing his story with the world, we can raise awareness and funds to reduce Stillbirth rates within Australia.”

To donate to Lion Warrior and help fund vital and potentially life-saving research, visit the Red Nose website.

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