'A hairdryer isn't just for your hair'. The 6 best cleaning hacks from the founders of Mums Who Clean.

When it comes to cleaning, Karlie Suttie and Rachael Hallett from the Mums Who Clean Facebook group know every hack in the book. So much so, that they've actually written one.

The two women published their book, aptly titled Mums Who Clean, earlier this month and it's full of the genius time-saving tips and mind-blowing hacks similar to the ones you'll find on their popular Facebook page, which us and 300,000 other people have become obsessed with.

"We know what it feels like to have a house that’s out of control, that kids have destroyed and the overwhelming feeling that comes with that. Our book shares our tips on how to combat that and how to realistically get your cleaning under control and manageable and keep it that way with as little effort as possible. Because honestly, who really likes to clean?" Karlie told Mamamia.

And yes, we can relate.

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Given the popularity of their page (and because we can never get enough cleaning hacks) we decided to ask Karlie and Rachael to share their trusty tips and products they can never live without. 

From how to clean the inside of your toaster to how to get that weird gunky stuff off your oven trays, here are six of the best shortcuts to help everyone get through the dreaded weekly cleaning ritual. 

The six cleaning hacks you need to know about immediately. 

1. The surprising way to clean your toaster. 

“Use a hairdryer to help clean your toaster. It sounds crazy but it is so helpful and makes a difficult job so much easier,” says Karlie.

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2. A lint roller is for more than just clothes. 

"Use a lint roller to clean lamp shades and fabric such as bead heads. Often cloths and vacuum cleaners just can’t get that job done well but a lint roller is super easy and does an amazing job."

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3. Don’t forget to add some scent. 

"Adding scent to your vacuum cleaner or mop water so that as you clean you leave a nice smell through out your home."

4. How to clean that weird gunk off your oven racks. 

"Wrap one of the racks with foil and pop a dishwasher tablet inside. Soak all your oven racks in the bath with hot water and one dishwasher tablet per rack. (Pop a towel on the bottom to protect the bath). Soak for at least two hours, overnight is best. When it's done, run a soapy steel work or scourer over the rack and all the grime will wipe off," says Rachael.


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5. Shaving foam isn't just for your body. 

"Cover the tiles around your toilet with shaving foam and spread it evenly. After about half an hour mop it up with hot water. This will remove any unpleasant odours which have been lingering. I have little boys who are still learning to use the toilet so this is such a great hack."

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6. Stove top potpourri.

"This is a really good way to get your home smelling great. There are many variations for scents but this is a great one simply combine sliced orange, a few cloves, a cinnamon stick and some sliced ginger in a pot of water. Simmer on the stove and top up water as required. Your home will smell amazing. I love that this is a natural way to easily spread scent through my home."

The two cleaning products everyone needs in their cupboard.

When it comes to cleaning products, there's about seven hundred out there which all claim to be the best. 

But for Rachael one product everyone needs in their cupboards is Koh, which is a universal cleaner. 

"Koh can be used on all the surfaces in my home. It takes the guesswork out and ensures we don’t accidentally damage our furniture. An all-purpose cleaner like this is a real time saver," she tells Mamamia.

For Karlie, a different cleaning product is top of her list.

"I think if you have hard floors and small kids, a mop/vac is a must if you can afford it. It makes cleaning up messes much quicker and easier. A reoccurring issue in my house, as my youngest loves a mess, is cereal all over the kitchen floor. I can clean that up with this one tool."

The most useful cleaning tools they can't live without. 

Sometimes the best cleaning tools are ones you've already got in your kitchen cupboard. Or in this case your... bathroom.  

According to Karlie, a hair dryer is actually pretty darn useful for cleaning hard to reach areas.  

"While not technically a cleaning tool it is so useful to have. For example, cleaning the toaster, removing stickers with no mess or fuss, blowing things out from under the couch. So many uses other than styling your hair."

Rachael on the other hand, swears by a good ol' trusty cobweb broom.

"These are so handy! Not only for cobwebs but for heavy duty outdoor dusting and cleaning vent and fan covers."

Their trusty cleaning advice.

While there are plenty of tips and tricks, Karlie says to remember "there are no rules when it comes to cleaning... do what works for you."

And even though precisely no one likes cleaning, Rachael says the best thing for anyone to do is to simply "keep on top of it".

"One swipe now saves scrubbing later."

Karlie and Rachael’s book Mums Who Clean is out now. 

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