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All the clues you may have missed in episode three of The Masked Singer Australia 2020.

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Our furry (and... sparkly) Masked Singer mates were back last night, to sing catchy songs and bring a little joy to whatever the heck we're calling this year.


Last night we de-masked Goldfish as singer Christine Anu and OH YEAH, that perfectly fits all the Sydney Olympic clues.

Goldfish performed Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life' before being unmasked. Post continues below video.

Video via Ten.

We're starting to call exactly who the other contestants are (Hello, Kate Miller-Heidke), and last night we got a number of other clues for Queen/Frillneck/Dragonfly and Puppet. Let's recap.


We're two seconds into Dragonfly's clues package and we already KNOW this is Sophie Monk.

"This Dragonfly loves the country, but the blues are never far away," she says and hello, remember when Sophie performed at the Byron Bay Bluesfest with Kasey Chambers?


Sophie, sorry we mean Dragonfly, then says she's "always trying to pluck the right note" as she holds four men in the air and drops them. Idk, maybe like someone would on The Bachelorette. Just spit balling ideas over here!

Sorry. Image: Ten.

"Dragonflies are on almost every continent and I spent my time in the toughest jungle.

"Escaping from the horror was a relief," she says while... dancing in front of New York City before a truly horrifying face flashes on screen.


Image: Ten.

Image: Ten.


Dragonfly doesn't put up barricades and doesn't like to be judgemental but sometimes she "can't help it" (Like maybe when she's a literal judge on Australia's Got Talent, right Soph?

"Sometimes I still feel like the ugly duckling, with almost 100 reasons for winning The Masked Singer."

She sings a very sassy rendition of Tones and I's 'Dance Monkey' and the judges... have no idea. Except Jackie O, whose face screams 'I know this is one of my closest friends but I have to throw them off'.

S*%^. Image: Ten.


Osher asks Dragonfly for a fact we might not know about her, and Dragonfly says internationally she might be best known for her classical work.

They try to throw everyone off by getting Jackie O to call Sophie Monk, who doesn't answer because obviously she's standing right on stage. She calls back later after Frillneck's performance, and Sophie says "Do you know how many people have asked if I'm that moth?"

They're trying so hard to throw us off, and it's not working.

The guesses from the judges:

Dannii Minogue: Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Jackie O: Jo Beth Taylor.


Urzila Carlson: Celine Dion.

Dave Hughes: MacKenzie Scott (formerly Bezos).


Frillneck never knows what the right move is, he likes to take risks.

Image: Ten.

"They don't always pay off, but no pain, no gain. And remember, your critics aren't always right," he says.

"That's why sometimes you have to ignore the rules. It's easy to be judged in our society."


The judges point out the chess pieces are covered in cockroaches but if we look at the (tomato?) juice Frillneck is drinking... could they represent beetles? Beetlejuice?

BEETLEJUICE. Also peep the Cola, a reference to his show Drink Pepsi, B****. Image: Ten.

"But we also love a larrikin," Frillneck continues while protestors hold up signs.

"Take the other road", "Death is nigh" and "We heart Tony" they read... which DEFINITELY means a Tony Award. Okay, we're 100 per cent sure we know who this is... Hello, comedian and Broadway song writer Eddie Perfect. 


We see you, Eddie. Image: Ten.

Beetlejuice's score was nominated for a Tony in 2019. Guess who wrote songs for that show? Mmhm. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here taking a bow.

Frillneck then drops what seems like a very random Miley Cyrus reference: "I don't care what Miley Cyrus says." It seems random, but could this be a reference to her former alter ego, Hannah Montana, who famously sung 'Nobody's Perfect'. Perfect, get it?.


Hmm. Frillneck sings 'Breaking Me' by German producer Topic and A7S and heck, we're dancing. This is fun.

Frillneck's fun fact we won't know about him is "What I do now wasn't my first choice of career, or my second, or even my third".

The guesses from the judges:

Dannii Minogue: Liam Hemsworth. 

Jackie O: Peter Rowsthorn.

Urzila Carlson: Tim Minchin.

Dave Hughes: Liam Hemsworth.


It's time for Kate Miller-Heidke a.k.a the Queen and right off the bat, everything confirms our suspicions. The extras are wearing beards, references Kate's very funny Christmas song 'I'm Growing a Beard Downstairs for Christmas'. 

At least these ones are upstairs. Image: Ten.


"Even when I was very, very naughty I was applauded by my greatest critics," she tells us. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

Okay, okay, Kate Queen, we were wondering when you'd reference your critically acclaimed performance as Baby Jane in Jerry Springer: The Opera.

Queen says she's comfortable in public and in crowds and likes to travel by coach. Kate's performed at Coachella. Tick!

"My sporting heritage cannot be denied," she says and at first we're... stumped. But Kate's husband is in a band called Transport, who she has performed with many times.

While throwing around a footy ball, the extras are wearing the colours of South Sydney Rabbitohs... the Bunnies. Kate wrote the music for musical theatre show The Rabbits.

So sneaky. Image: Ten.


Queen takes on 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones in an amazing performance that sounds just like Kate Miller-Heidke because it is Kate Miller-Heidke. Surely she's set for the win after that?

Osher asks for a fact we wouldn't know, and Queen says she's "been to a polo club but she's never played polo". 

The guesses from the judges:

Dannii Minogue: Kate Miller-Heidke. SHE'S DONE IT.

Jackie O: Danielle Spencer.


Urzila Carlson: Kim Kardashian.

Dave Hughes: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall... just imagine.


Puppet, a.k.a the leading character in all our nightmares, begins his clue package by saying: "There has been magic in what I do, although granting wishes isn't my usual job".

"I could do it until the cows come home."  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

"Am I the sort who flies by the seat of his pants?" he asks. "Well, I have walked to the beat of a different drummer."


Now imagine them as... skivvies. Image: Ten.


"I have been in the past, when I took my inspiration from the Old Testament," Puppet says. "But don't judge me for that."

Okay, if you're a parent you've probably already picked this up because you'll be able to recognise a Wiggle voice from anywhere, but now is where we say we're convinced this is Simon Pryce - the red Wiggle. 

He played Old Deuteronomy in Cats in his pre-Wiggle days (and Deuteronomy is a book in the Old Testament).



"I have been the bridesmaid many times, and I finally get to be the bride... Taking many hands in marriage.

"I couldn't be a happier puppet! Except when I finally win The Masked Singer."

There's lots of close-up laughing shots of Puppet, and we're... terrified.

Puppet begins singing and yep, his voice has a familiarity only a Wiggle's could. He performs Queen's 'Somebody to Love' and holy moly, Simon Wiggle has PIPES.

Puppet says for most of his childhood his parents called him George, but that's not his name. Okey dokey.

The guesses from the judges:

Dannii Minogue: Red Symons.

Jackie O: Ben Gillies.

Urzila Carlson: Jonathan Coleman.

Dave Hughes: Will Smith.

The remaining five contestants perform tonight and we can't wait for more weird distractions from creepy giant creatures.

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