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Marriage, twins and divorce: Where the most controversial MAFS contestants are now.

They came, they caused chaos on our TV and then they left. Love them or hate them, MAFS wouldn't exist without its controversial contestants and villains. 

But what's happened to them all since?

Here are all the updates to snoop on what the biggest MAFS villains are up to these days.

Jessika Power.

Jessika Power became a divisive bride on the 2019 season for forming one-third of the 'mean girls' clique with Martha Kalifatidis and Ines Basic (more on her later), before she went and pursued a man already faux-married to a different bride. 

Jessika and Dan Webb started a secret fling on the show, much to the surprise of their actual experiment partners, Mick Gould and Tamara Joy. Shortly after the season aired, Jessika and Dan broke up. 

Since MAFS ended, Jessika has had an impressive few years. She became one of the top earners on OnlyFans where she makes up to $110k per month, appeared on Big Brother VIP, before she uprooted her life and moved to the UK. 

After meeting on a podcast, Jessika immediately started dating Manchester-based podcaster Connor Thompson but they called it quits in 2023. She was rumoured to be dating The Only Way Is Essex's Pete Wick but she is currently dating British DJ, Brent Anthony.

Image: Instagram/@jessika_power. 


Over in the UK, Jessika has appeared on Celebs Go Dating and most recently, she appeared on Celebrity Ex on The Beach where she was reunited with Tamara. 

Bryce Ruthven.

When it comes to controversial MAFS grooms, you don't get much more memorable than 2021's Bryce Ruthven. The contestant found himself at odds with the rest of the cast, as he made several offensive comments about his wife Melissa Rawson and got caught up in a cheating scandal with rumours the former radio host began the show with a girlfriend.

Despite all this, Melissa remained by his side. They ended Final Vows as a couple and have since welcomed twins, Levi and Tate, in 2021 and got married in February 2023 in Sorrento, Victoria. 


Image: Instagram/@lissrawson. 

In an Instagram comment, Melissa opened up about their first year of marriage.

"We're not perfect and we don't pretend to be," Melissa responded to a follower. "We argue... a lot!"

In March 2024, Bryce held a 35th birthday party at the Burleigh Pavilion with the guest list including divisive 2024 couple, Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams. 


Ines Basic.

Ines Basic was a one-in-a-million sort of reality TV contestant: when she wasn't screaming at her groom Bronson Norrish on a boat, she was asking him 'would you root me', then cheating on him with another divisive contestant, Sam Ball. 

Image: Instagram/@innnnnnes.

These days, Ines has been focusing on her influencing career, working as an OnlyFans creator and does the occasional Cameo videos for her fans. After spending some time in Europe, she recently returned to Queensland. 


Last year in an Instagram Q&A, Ines addressed whether she had been dating anyone recently. 

"No. One took me on like, a year-long ride and he told me I needed life goals... he didn't have a car," she said.

"I need life goals, but he doesn't have a car, which blows my mind to this day... I'm not interested in dating, I don't want a relationship. I've tapped out."

Olivia Frazer.

On the 2022 season of MAFS, Olivia Frazer gained notoriety for her bitter feud with Domenica Calarco which monopolised the season, culminating in Dom smashing a glass and Olivia revealing that Dom had an OnlyFans account. 

The public backlash to the bride was unprecedented and Olivia has since admitted she still cops trolling to this day.  "When does it end? It's just so frustrating," she told Mamamia earlier this year.

Image: Instagram/@olivefrazer.


Olivia considers herself to be the most trolled villain in MAFS history. "People haven't forgotten about me being a villain because the last two villains have both been men. Nobody's ever gonna hate them. The general public is not going to hate the man more than they hate a woman," she told us. 

"Harrison [Boon] tried to tell me last year that he is the biggest villain of all time. I asked, 'Have you had people come to your house... Have you been physically threatened in public?' No. Because you're a man."

In the two years since her season, Olivia started an OnlyFans page and moved to Scotland for a short time, but ended up getting deceived by a man who had romantically pursued her. 

She is set to move to the Central Coast with plans to move to Scotland in the coming years. "I've been in a bit of a stalemate where I don't know what to do for work, as I really want to move on from OnlyFans but I just don't know what I can do," she said.

"Scotland is the end goal, but I'm not ready quite yet." 


Harrison Boon.

Harrison Boon was possibly the most toxic groom ever cast on MAFS. He was matched with Bronte Schofield who on their wedding day found out Harrison had a girlfriend mere days before their wedding. For the rest of the 2023 season, several brides expressed concerns with Harrison's behaviour and treatment of Bronte. 

Image: Instagram/@harrison_boon_.

Harrison has since made a name for himself for promoting misogynistic messages on the internet and attacking prominent Australian feminists. Shocker. 


Alyssa Barmonde.

Let's be real: Alyssa Barmonde copped a particularly brutal edit on her season when she was matched with Duncan James. She didn't do anything particularly problematic and was simply edited to be shrieking 'I have a child!' in every single episode. 

Image: Instagram/@/alyssa_barmonde. 

After the season ended, Duncan James began dating another bride, Evelyn Ellis. 


In the year since her season aired, Alyssa mostly posts cute photos with her son and recipes on her Instagram. She runs her business Alyssa Bakes Cakes, making delicious and spectacular cakes.

In 2023, she was rumoured to be dating Nick Chamberlain, who starred on Elly Miles’ season of The Bachelorette in 2020, but she later confirmed they were just friends. 

Davina Rankin.

Controversial MAFS stars owe a hell of a lot to Davina Rankin: the OG villain. From her penchant for ending every sentence with 'babe' to her scandalous date with Dean Wells, despite being married to Ryan Gallagher at the time, Davina did nothing but stir up chaos in the 2018 season. 

Image: Instagram/@davvyxx. 


In the years since her memorable MAFS stint, Davina has starred on I’m a Celebrity, got engaged to Jaxon Manuel and welcomed a baby girl, Mila-Mae Manuel, on November 11, 2019, and got married in April 2022.

She has since launched two children’s books, Empowered Moo and Mindful Moo.

In 2023, Davina announced she had split from Manuel after just one year of marriage. She spoke about the reason for the split on her podcast Who? Me.

"We were just different people from the ones who tied the knot all those years ago," she said. 

Mike Gunner.

Mike Gunner proved to be a divisive groom during his short-lived relationship with fan favourite, Heidi Latcham. He was routinely accused of 'gaslighting' by viewers and said thoughtless comments to his bride. In one unforgettable moment, he once told her "Maybe I'll try and fall in love with you," as she cringed. 

Image: Instagram/@mikekangaroo. 


In 2021, Mike confirmed he had started dating a mysterious woman named Sonja after they met on Bumble. "I've been dating a girl for a few months. She's from Brisbane and spends a lot of time down here on the Gold Coast with me. Things are going really well," Mike told 9Entertainment at the time. 

It's unclear who he is currently dating, but he wrote on Instagram that he considers his two dogs as his family. 

"I don't have any children yet. Maybe someday. But I'm the meantime these two are my family," he wrote.

Mike currently works as a filmmaker and wedding and event photographer. 

Feature image: Instagram/@innnnnnes/@lissrawson.