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OK this year's MAFS cast have lost it in self-isolation and they've spoilt the season.

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Self-isolation and quarantine might be doing our heads in but spare a thought for the Channel Nine media team in charge of wrangling the social media channels of this year’s MAFS contestants.

Like us, this year’s MAFS cast are also stuck in their homes and they’re getting a little loose-lipped on Instagram.

This is what the horoscopes are like in isolation. Post continues below.

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From Natasha’s details about her sex life with Mikey to Stacey blatantly confirming that she and Michael are definitely not together, these are all the juicy details we learnt, courtesy of Instagram.

Natasha’s tell-all Instagram Q&A.

From confirming she’s (sort of) in a relationship to sharing a lot of spoilers from this season, Natasha has offered up all the gossip and we learnt so much.

She touched on the cheating allegations between Mikey and Stacey, adding that she doesn’t believe it actually happened and also confirmed that Seb and Lizzie are the only couple who are still together.

“What an awesome love story that that’s turned out to be. They’re still going strong but everyone else is done and dusted,” she said.

As for her relationship with Mikey, they’re definitely not on ‘speaking terms’ and Natasha made many references to her ex-husband.

“Mikey is just so far away from someone who’s my type and I think the way he’s been acting recently has been pretty disappointing,” she said.

“I almost wish I was matched with a lamp instead of Mikey because we would have had more chemistry. A lot more electricity.

“I don’t speak to Mikey. He kept stabbing me in the back, so we cut communication. But good to see he’s still putting me down,” she continued in a later question.


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Natasha also shared some context around her and Mikey’s very well-documented speedy consummation of marriage. You know, the one that led to a massive dinner party fight and storm-off?

“You know when they give you a small sample size of things and you’re never really satisfied with it. I guess this wasn’t a sample size because that’s the whole thing… huh?” she joked.



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Few beers never hurt anyone ???????? #MAFS

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If you’re confused as to how this year’s contestants have been able to share so much information – which we’re pretty sure goes against the show’s rules – Natasha touched on how they’ve been able to take back control of their Instagram accounts.

“We are naughty children. We changed our password and locked Channel Nine out of our profiles and as punishment they took away our little giphy things and stopped following us,” she shared.

“They don’t want to promote people who don’t follow the Nine rules.”

So we now know all the details behind Stacey and Michael’s breakup.

Previously, the 26-year-old confirmed that she and Michael were no longer together, adding that she’s currently single.

“I’m not with anyone. I’m literally just chilling. Hopefully someone amazing comes along. Otherwise, it’s just me and the boys,” she said.

Stacey continued sharing her MAFS revelations during a Sunday Night Q&A.

Posting on her Instagram stories during Sunday night’s final vows, the mum-of-two shared the reason behind her and Michael’s break up.


“We breakup at the reunion on a Tuesday or Wednesday because he doubted me and I didn’t want to be with someone who doubted me when I stood by him through all of his cheating scandals,” said Stacey.

She also addressed the question of whether they’re still friends. Spoiler alert: they’re not.

“We’re not friends. I don’t hate him. I would rather swallow acid than be with him again but I don’t hate him,” she said.

Fair enough.

Aleks’ TikTok slight to ‘an ex-boyfriend’.

A passive-aggressive TikTok might just be the most 2020 way to publicly disclose your feelings towards an ex-partner. We’re guessing that’s what Aleks wanted to do by sharing her most recent video.

“Got a text from my ex the other day that said he missed me. I said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t talk right now I’m at a funeral.’ He said, ‘oh my god, who died?’ I said, ‘my feelings for you did, bye f**ker’,” she can be seen mouthing in her TikTok.

@aleksmarkovic1Byeeeeeee boy ???????? ##fyp ##foryourpage ##exboyfriend ##exboyfriendchallenge ##byefelica ##byeboy♬ original sound – jandjgrammy

Look, we’re not saying it’s definitely about her MAFS husband but we’re pretty sure it’s about Ivan.

Despite rumours that Aleks and Ivan attend the MAFS reunion as a couple, it’s pretty clear they don’t stay that way.

Message received, Aleks.

Josh is getting very honest about his time on the show.

Look, in between his family getting death threats and a long slew of arguments with his ex-wife Cathy, Josh did not have the best time on MAFS.

In fact, in a recent Instagram Q&A, he said his time on the show was “pretty similar to getting swooped by a magpie.”

Just in case you were wondering if there’s any chance of Josh and Cathy reigniting their relationship, his answer was a stern “no”. Actually, it was several ‘nos’ but you get the point.


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Straight off the chest

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Earlier in the season Josh also vented on Instagram after his mum and younger brothers received death threats after his homestay with Cathy aired.

“I just can’t stress enough to people who are trying out for this show as they’re doing applications now, just have a good hard think,” he said.

“Because when you sign that contract, any audio, any footage can be cut and spliced however they choose. It says in the fine print you may or may not be received in a positive light and me being naive, I thought why not, I’ll give it a chance, how could this possibly go wrong?”

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