He's the hero we need during this pandemic: The world has fallen in love with 25yo Michael.

If you’re yet to devour Love On The Spectrum, I’m sorry to inform you, but you’re missing out on the best dating show on television right now.

You’re also missing out on Michael. 

Michael’s dream in life is to become a husband, and he’s so determined to reach this goal he has a pair of love ducks that sit on his bedside table. 

He bought them in Sydney six years ago because he was told they’d help him find love. They haven’t yet, and I am absolutely cross about it. 

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Video via ABC iView/Netflix.

Michael is the kind of man who calls members of the ABC camera crew that came to his Wollongong house to film him for this docu-series ‘gentleman.’ And not in a weird way, in a thoughtful, respectful - in passing - kind of way. 

He’s the kind of man who has a plaque sitting in his cupboard with an empty spot for a photo of his beloved. Not in a creepy way, in a romantic - I just want to make someone happy - kind of way.

He’s the kind of man who is very aware that the current crop of young singles out there are more interested in sex than love, but he wants the latter. He wants it with all of his heart. But when we met him on episode one of Love On The Spectrum, he hadn’t even been on a date before. 


Because Michael also happens to have Aspergers syndrome, and it means that sometimes people don’t really understand his way of communicating.  

As he explains, “people with Aspergers just learn things a different way. But as far as I am concerned it’s actually more of a gift.”

Warning. Upon watching this show (which first premiered on the ABC in November and is now having its moment on Netflix), you’re going to fall a little bit in love with Michael. 

Twitter already has.


Michael's Dad says people think he’s an oddball, but I just see a 25-year-old bloke who’s kind, hilarious, knows the value of a good suit, loves his family, and isn’t afraid of commitment - unlike most 20-somethings.

This guy won’t ghost you. Or breadcrumb you, or 'cloak' you or whatever other term is going around. 

In fact, this guy's already got a ring picked out for you. 

But that doesn’t mean he has low standards. It also doesn’t mean he has a romanticised view of what a relationship is - he knows they’re not perfect. He’s willing to take the good with the bad and knows it’s important to “smell the flowers, because they don’t bloom all the time.”

Michael taking Amanda out on his first ever date. Image: Netflix. 


Michael considers himself an “A plus” partner and he’s bloody right. He’s not playing games or breaking hearts, he’s just a man with a heart that’s “10 sizes too large" who wants to make someone happy. 

He's the kind of man who is secure in who he is and what he likes and what he wants, and he’s ready to offer (in his words) the "full five"; love, respect, happiness, support, and security.

Your dream girl is out there somewhere Michael, and I am praying to the love ducks that you find each other soon. Because man, is she in for a treat.

Feature image: Netflix.