Lady Gaga's new tattoo has us convinced she is in love with Bradley Cooper.

Some people spend their free time learning cooking recipes or going for hikes, and then some people are like us who do more frivolous things like look for all the signs that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are in a relationship.

But you see there is very good reason that this latest clue has us convinced that their on-screen romance in A Star Is Born has translated into an off-screen love affair (although we should acknowledge that they both already have real-life partners).

Whilst Lady Gaga’s new tattoo may ostensibly look like any other, it in fact has significance for how Bradley and Gaga FIRST MET. And the singer posted it on Valentine’s Day.

Now we’re not suggesting that she got the tattoo on the day that celebrates love to forever remind her of how she and Bradley first met but… okay maybe we are.


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Happy Valentine’s Day. A tattoo toast to “la vie en rose” by the beautiful @winterstone my spinal cord is now a rose

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The new ink, the singer turned actress explains, is a “toast to ‘la vie en rose'”.

In A Star Is Born Gaga’s character Ally is performing ‘la vie en rose’ at the drag dive bar when she first captures Jackson Maine’s attention. In fact the song makes Cooper’s character totally transfixed, instantly igniting a spark as she sings the lyrics whilst maintaining electric eye-contact with him.


Not only is it symbolic of the beginning of their movie marriage, but this song has real-life, REAL EMOTION significance for the pair as well.

‘La Vie en Rose’ also happens to be the song that Bradley saw Gaga perform years earlier when he knew the singer had to be in A Star Is Born, which he also directed.

lady gaga bradley cooper oscars
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at a recent performance where they sang 'Shallow' together. Image via Getty.

"I sang the night before I met him at an event for cancer thrown by Sean Parker, and I was singing 'La Vie en Rose' — I was doing a jazz set that evening," Gaga told Stephen Colbert last year.

"Bradley just happened to be in the audience, and I got a phone call that he wanted to meet me the next day, and he came to my house.

"I was like, 'Oh my god, what's going on.' He came into the home and I looked into his eyes and I just felt an instant connection with him. He made me feel so comfortable."

Speaking of the moment he saw Gaga perform 'La Vie en Rose' to The New York Times, Cooper said: "My mind was blown."


Cooper shared with the publication that he immediately called her agent and asked for a meeting.

So whilst some say Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are just excellent actors who's performance has fooled us all into thinking they are in love in real life, others are wondering...

But PERHAPS this latest Instagram post by Gaga is a hint to us all, that yes they are in love, soon to be engaged. 

Here are the all times Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were completely adorable with each other.

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