"A pretty solid wedgie." 5 questions we have about Kylie Jenner's casual afternoon nap.

As Kylie Jenner snuggled on the couch for a mid-week afternoon nap she thought to herself (we presume) I must record this for the gram.

“Cloud nine” (but in emoji form obv) she captioned the photo before uploading it to her casual 139 million followers.

Now don’t get us wrong, the world’s youngest billionaire can nap however she damn well pleases.

But Kylie pls. That can’t be comfortable.

Sidenote: Kylie Jenner on Jordyn Wood’s betrayal. Post continues after video.

Video by E!

Here are five questions we have about the strangest nap we’ve ever witnessed:

1. Denim is not a nap friendly material.

Anyone who says jeans are “comfy” is lying. (If my boyfriend is reading this, you sir, are lying.)

Jeans are for outings, track-pants are for napping. Isn’t that the unwritten rule?

Jeans are stiff… and they have buttons that dig into your skin… and they’re very tight on the groin region.

Perhaps a boyfriend baggy jean? Maybe?

But a tight jean for sleeping is just preposterous.

I can’t even sit at my desk with my jeans done up the whole day.

Surely Kylie at least has a button popped.


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2. Can we talk about the underwear choice.

Kylie, we are struggling to understand how you are napping with a wedgie.

It’s a pretty solid wedgie too. It’s riggggght up there.

If that’s what your napping underwear looks like – we be doing it wrong.

My boyfriend has tried to ban the 2001 Target ‘Aloha’ boy-leg undies I keep for sloth weekends. They have no elastic whatsoever because seams just aren’t okay when your aim is relaxing.

I’ve also never forgotten the fact that Rebecca Judd admitted in 2017 that she wears g-strings to bed every night.

Don’t ask why that’s the information from said interview that I’ve chosen to retain in my brain two years later.

But I feel like the rest of us have been left in the dark on how to do the whole sleeping in a g-string thing.

3. Isn’t your makeup itchy?

Sleeping with makeup on, is itchy no?


Pretty sure she has eyelash extensions on too.

How are they still… in tact.

4. Aren’t you scared of spiders?

A quick squiz of the weather in your neck of the woods shows it’s currently about 22 degrees.

Sure, that’s slightly toasty.


However, even if it’s 10000 degrees, doesn’t everyone sleep with… at least a sheet on them?

You need a barrier between you and any creepy crawlies. Fact.

5. Who… took that?

I think we can all agree Kylie, you be doing a little fake napping here. (please tell us this is fake napping.)

If you took a real napping photo of us, we’d look like Sarah. Not Kylie.

Here’s Sarah:

But as well as confirmation of fakeness, we’d like to know – who took it? Has Stormy learnt how to manoeuvre a camera phone?

Did you take your shirt off before? Dress specifically for this photo? Try a few standing and then decide napping would be better?

We need to know all the things.

Our brains hurt.

We’ll just wait over here, napping like Sarah.