Kyle Sandilands met Imogen Anthony at his 40th birthday in 2011. Now there's rumours they've split.

Kyle Sandilands is having a “terrible day.”

This is because, according to a tabloid report, two of the most important women in his life are leaving him: His long-time work partner Jackie O and his real life partner of eight years, Imogen Anthony.

According to New Idea, Jackie O has had enough of Kyle’s partying, sick days and demands in studio at KIIS FM and is preparing to jump ship. The same source who delivered that apparent news also said Kyle and Imogen, 28, have been “living separate lives” for months and were preparing to announce their split.

Sidenote: Here’s Imogen Anthony and Kyle Sandilands on the 2016 Arias red carpet. Post continues below video.

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On air on Monday morning, Kyle and Jackie O made fun of the report, saying it was all lies.

“Oh no, it’s a terrible day but luckily I have chocolate cake to make it all wash down easier,” Kyle said sarcastically while taking a bite from a slice of cake.

“I don’t understand why people buy that rubbish, it should be called Fantasy magazine, where it’s just fantasy stories in there.”

Imogen also addressed the rumours on Instagram, saying that she had enough to deal without “blatant made up sh*t”.

Kyle and Imogen began dating in 2011 after meeting at Kyle’s 40th birthday party, a year after he split from wife Tamara Jaber.

In 2014 Imogen, a model and designer, told Maxim she knew their relationship was real when Kyle, now 48, told her he loved her after just two weeks.

They have a 20 year age gap, but according to Kyle age is not a factor they have ever worried about.

“I don’t see any age difference between us,” he said in 2013. “She is not a super-young 22-year-old and I am not a super-old 41-year-old.

“I am a workaholic but I spend every moment I can with Imogen.”

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Imogen told news.com.au last year their relationship worked so well because she and Kyle are basically "the same person".

"We are exactly the same person, just a male and female version 20 years apart. I don’t think we could live without each other."

In 2018 the couple purchased their first home together, a $3 million, 61 hectare farm in the NSW town of Robertson, south-west of Wollongong.

"Last week was a big week for us as we finally got the keys to our first dream property together down on the Southern Highlands," Imogen wrote on Instagram.

"We are now the proud owners of over 150 acres of prime land for our animals, future animals and potential little human animals."


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It's not the first time she has hinted at having children with Kyle - in fact, the topics of marriage and children come up regularly on Kyle's radio show and rumours of an engagement have swirled multiple times throughout the years.

Way back in 2013, while his divorce from ex-wife Tamara was being finalised, Kyle said he hadn't ruled out getting married again.

"I am a relationships guy. I like to make a go of it," he said. "Everyone wants to be married when they're old."

In 2017, Imogen responded to rumours she and Kyle were secretly engaged, saying, "I don't think it's too far off," but added they weren't in a rush to walk down the aisle.

Last year Kyle joked on air with Rebecca Judd that he was "definitely" going to need parenting advice from the mother-of-four.

Earlier this year, when discussing his 2008 wedding on-air with I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! winner Richard Reid, Kyle said: "There'll be another one soon."

Though their lives appear unconventional on the outside, Imogen has always maintained they live a pretty laid-back lifestyle behind closed doors.

"Social media has a perception of showing you what you want to see," she explained to news.com.au in 2018. "But for us, there is a lot of sitting around doing f*cking nothing.

"We have quiet nights all the time… That’s all we do is quiet nights, like sitting in front of Netflix where we have shows we watch constantly.

"But we have things being constant too. We have a farm, he’s up at 4.30am, so it can be a bit crazy."

Kyle has credited Imogen with helping him improve his health, which is a big 2019 goal of his.

In September last year he was "extremely sick" and unable to work for a few days, which kickstarted his motivation to get healthy.

"I was a bit sick last year, just from being [overweight] and not getting enough sleep," he told Sunday Confidential in February.

"I thought, 'I can’t do this, I’ve got responsibilities'. So I’ve lost a bit of weight. Imogen has gone hardcore so the Coca-Cola is finished, I’m on the green juice. We installed a gym over Christmas so I work out every day, just lightly. She also has me on Youfoodz."

But hey, that doesn't mean Kyle can't enjoy a bit of cake when he's having a rough day.