The $49 Kmart desk that fits anywhere, so your dining table isn't always covered in sh*t.

Yes, Kmart has done it again. It’s introduced a new item to its homewares range… and it’s destined to be a real game-changer in most households.

Behold: the $49 Oak Look ladder desk.

Whilst it’s a tad disappointing it doesn’t actually work as a ladder (it most certainly doesn’t), we predict the desk will still sell like… well, any other viral Kmart product.

Here’s why.


The ladder design of the desk means it can easily be put up against a spare 74 centimetres of wall you have anywhere. The compact size will also help with a couple of other important things.

Firstly, it provides a perfect workspace for the kids, or yourself (but mostly the kids), to do homework and projects without using up all your other flat surfaces, such as kitchen bench tops and the dining table, which then constantly need clearing.

And secondly, because it’s designed to be against a wall, you can quite conveniently spy on whomever is working at it. I imagine sneaking up on my child whilst he innocently sits at it, and yelling “Get off YouTube and do your spelling!” Great for me, not so great for him.

Social media reaction to the desk release was standard Kmart-lover level of hysteria, with the post being liked more than 16,000 times in less than 24 hours, and commented on thousands of times.

People said things such as “brilliant for the kids”, “what a neat desk, would fit anywhere”, and “omg this is such a brilliant space-saving hack, I’m going to write an article about it.” (Yes that last one was from me.)

The Oak Look ladder desk is just one more in long list of homeware items which Kmart has released, so we can all live our best lives for a very affordable price. For example, last week we brought you the $29 Kmart pie maker, and last year, the $9 Kmart candle that smells ridiculously like a designer one from Diptyque.

The Kmart Oak Look ladder desk can be purchased in store or online.

You’re welcome.

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