Julie Bishop just tried to set up her nephew on Instagram... and it's working.

Forget swiping through all the guys you went to high school with on Tinder while you’re home for the holidays, because Julie Bishop is pimping out family members for Christmas and it may just be the best thing on the internet right now.

The former foreign minister and deputy Liberal leader is in Adelaide for the holidays, and she shared a cute family snap on Instagram with her niece Isabel and nephew Rupert, who she pointedly added in the caption that he is “28 and single”.

The internet is understandably screaming, because honestly, what a Christmas Eve treat.

  1. YES, Julie.
  2. And don’t we all have an Aunty who would totally do this? (only they don’t have 50k Instagram followers. Damn).

We would probably find this incredibly cringe-worthy if it was anyone other than Julie Bishop.

But judging by the comments, it looks as though it might actually be working.

The commenters are… thirsty.

On the one hand, it’s likely Rupert is one of the last single men in Adelaide (the “Adelaide man drought” is a real thing, it’s widely-reported by local media), and it could also be that people really want to be related to Julie Bishop ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

(She did get behind the DJ booth at Karl Stefanovic’s Studio 54-themed wedding party, so we can see why).

Either way – her nephew has a handful of interested ladies to choose from.

“I’ll have him,” one woman said.

“Give him my number julie xxx or my insta account,” posted another.

“Great wing woman. I wonder if he would consider a move to the east coast?” added one more.

While another grateful Instagram user gushed: “I thought I loved this woman just for her politics but now she’s sharing her hot nephew on Instagram.”

Rupert’s sister Isabel weighed in on the reaction, too, telling her Aunty Julie’s followers that Rupert had been “inundated: with requests to follow his private social media accounts since the post.

“She has been killing herself laughing since she posted this! Julia Isa-matchmaker Bishop,” she responded to one of the messages.

Ahh, don’t you just love it when the extended family comes home for a visit?

As for you, Rupert – god speed.