Oh. Apparently inflatable pants are now a thing and we have precisely 9 questions.

Do you dislike sitting next to strangers on public transport? Would you like to ensure you never get thigh chafing again?

Is Aladdin your favourite Disney prince?

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Then, gather in, dear friends, and let us present inflatable pants.


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A British menswear designer, known only as Harikrishnan, unveiled his collection at the London College of Fashion this week and it is… blowing up (sorry not sorry).

Because his pants are… inflated.

The designer told magazine Dezeen he came up with the idea when he was playing with his dog, which raises far more questions than it answers.

“I started thinking about how exaggerated objects must look from such a low angle,” he explained

“The thought of him seeing me as a giant figure or not seeing my head at all was intriguing, so I decided to reimagine the people around me through the game of distortion – detached from the stereotypical, pre-determined notions of the human perspective.”

We… see.

It’s very strange and a little bit funny, and mainly, when we look at them… We just have questions. Like, so many questions.

1. Are you technically airborne if you sit down?

If you don’t touch the seat, does that mean you’re flying?

2. What are they inflated… with?

These pants could be triggering for those with IBS, that’s all I’m saying.

3. Do the pants have any special functions?

Asking on behalf of the generation who grew up watching The Amanda Show. Because… Popper pants would be pretty handy tbh.

4. Where does one… wear their inflatable pants?




The club?

Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory?

Image: Giphy.

5. Is there a matching jacket available?

Make the world your bouncy castle.

Image: Giphy.

6. Did MC Hammer okay this?

I meant this as a joke but it turns out HE HAS:



7. How do you walk in inflatable pants?

We're imagining a penguin-like waddle.

8. Any chance we could get these to all people in flood-prone areas?

They're both pants and potentially life-saving flotation devices.

9. I don't know how to say this but... We all know what it looks like, right?

Like, anatomically. There's a certain - no, wait, two certain parts of a man's body that looks slightly out of proportion in these pants.

Decades ago, people thought we'd have jet packs and flying cars by the year 2020.

Instead, we have inflatable pants.

Feature images: LCF/Twitter.

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