If you're single and looking, head to your local blood bank.

It hit me about three months ago, as I stood in a room surrounded by dozens of very handsome, very driven and mostly, very good men.

“This is where it’s at…” I whispered to myself. How had I not thought of it sooner? A place 15 minutes from my house, free, and full of copious amounts of snack foods.

The entire six seasons of Sex and the City could have been reduced to one, quite straightforward scene, if the women had only known such a place exists.

And now here I was, in on the secret.

You want to know where all the good men (and women, depending on your preference) are hanging out?

They’re at the goddamn blood bank. Giving their blood. And maybe even their plasma. To other people. Because they’re generous. 

Honestly, put a picture of some of the guys I saw with their sleeves rolled up and a needle hanging out of their arm on a billboard, and blood donations would increase by four thousand per cent.

Just look at Lincoln Lewis. Mmmm. 


But it’s not (only) about how they look.

You could find a good-looking man at a bar or on Tinder in five minutes, and you wouldn’t even have to hand over any blood if you didn’t want to.

The issue is that it takes you another year, or 50, to determine whether they’re a decent human or not. And some of us are very busy and do not have time to waste. 

Most of us would prefer to know if someone is kind right now, please.

We want to know if they’re the type of person who carries an old lady’s groceries to her car when she’s struggling. If they’re the type of person who checks that the homeless man on the corner is alright. If they’re the type of person who will look after you when you’re sick, and challenge you to always be a better version of yourself.

And you’re far more likely to find that person at a blood bank than at a Reclaim Australia rally. That’s a scientific fact.

Because giving blood is a relatively private thing. It’s something you do one afternoon, perhaps on your own, even though you might rather be at the pub. It’s inherently generous. It’s a small but important act that saves lives and, goodness, that’s some sexy common ground.

You probably shouldn’t go to the blood bank just to pick up, although to heck with it, whatever gets the donations up.

And if you don’t meet the love of your life? Eh. At least you saved a life…

And got some really good free snacks.

Australia desperately needs blood donations. 

To find out if you’re eligible to give blood, or where your nearest blood bank is, check out the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.