Gordon Ramsay just slammed a Masterchef dish that was so bad, the judges couldn't eat it.

As the final 19 contestants entered the Masterchef kitchen this week, they were given the ultimate challenge: WHO CAN MAKE THE BEST BURGER WITH AT LEAST ONE SIDE DISH?

There are so many things that could go wrong. Does a side salad qualify as a side dish? Can pineapple on a burger be a culinary hit? Will their precious bread rise in time?

What nobody anticipated going wrong was illness-inducing, salmonella-laden, under-cooked prawn.

As Michelle stepped up to the judges, she knew the burger she’d spent so long making wasn’t her finest work.

“Taking something up to the judges that I’m just really not happy with is devastating, I wish I had something better to bring.

“Apologies in advance,” she warned them as she approached the judging table.

At this point, the judges were getting kind of worried. Michelle already admitted that her polenta chips were “a disaster” and has just placed bacon on the side of the plate as her “side dish”. It was strange but she was doing her best. They were willing to hear her out.

The prawn is just... not cooked. Image: Channel 10.

Until… it's a health and safety issue.

As George Calombaris cuts his sacred knife through Michelle's burger, it becomes clear.


Oh. This dish is... inedible.

This is equivalent to when Miranda Priestly smirked at the custom gown made especially for her in The Devil Wears Prada. This is bad.

"Is that, is that cooked?" George asks his fellow judges.

"Did you taste this?" continues Gordon.

Tension is building.

"Come and have a look, it's like... pasty," says George.

And just when things couldn't get any worse.

"That's raw, I can't eat that..."

Michelle's poor heart shatters into pieces.

We have all been there, Michelle. Image: Channel 10.

"I'm lost for words," continues Gordon, just in case she wasn't shattered enough already.

"The idea is great, but sadly the execution, just has let you down," says Matt Preston, in an attempt to bring this poor woman's spirits back up.

Don't worry Michelle, we have all undercooked prawn. It just sucks that the one time when you did it, it was on national television #polentiachipsoutformichelle.

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