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Warning: This post contains some spoilers for Dead to Me. You’ve been warned.

Sometimes, having the ability to devour a new season of your favourite TV show in less than 24 hours can kind of… suck.

Thanks to the instant gratification of streaming services, it’s not uncommon for the series you’ve been waiting months or even years for to be finished in less than a day.

For fans of Netflix’s Dead to Me, which was released less than a week ago, this is the sad reality they’re currently facing.

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And with the series ending on an epic cliffhanger, the waiting game for the next season of the dark comedy series is even more difficult.

Thankfully, despite the fact that a third season of the show hasn’t yet been confirmed, fans have already started devising theories about what could happen if the messy friendship between Christina Applegate’s Jen and Linda Cardellini’s Judy returns to our screens.

Following on from the addictive series’ shocking season finale, which precisely no one saw coming, most of us were left wanting more.

So, here are some of the best theories about what might happen if Dead to Me is renewed for a third season. (We’re crossing all of our fingers and toes.)

Ben is actually Steve.

Early on in the second season of Dead to Me, Jen and Judy opened the front door to find Steve’s identical twin brother, Ben.

It was a shocking moment, leading Jen to faint.

But what if Ben is actually… Steve?


Some fans have questioned whether Jen may have actually killed Ben – rather than Steve – meaning that Steve may have been pretending to be Ben.

“They focused a LOT on Ben’s surgeries and I think that Steve is not the one who’s dead – Ben is,” one Twitter user theorised.

“I can’t put my finger on how it happened but I’m pretty sure when the body appears, it’ll have a scar.”

Of course, Ben’s scars were seen later in the season during a scene with Jen, poking a pretty big hole in this fan theory.

Overall, it’s a pretty outlandish theory, but with the twists and turns the show has thrown us so far, we wouldn’t be too surprised.

Ben will pretend to be Steve.

In the very end of season two, Ben is seen crashing into Judy and Jen’s car. It’s also implied that Ben, who was previously sober, has been drink driving.

Some fans have questioned whether Ben may adopt Steve’s identity (who is considered to be missing by police), to avoid owning up to his involvement in the hit-and-run.

On the other hand, fans have questioned whether Ben could pretend to be Steve in an effort to protect Jen, who he became close to throughout the season.



dead to me season 2
Image: Netflix.

Jen was severely injured.

In the final moments of season two, Judy and Jen are injured in a hit-and-run car accident.

But although Jen is definitely conscious in the final scene, some fans believe that she may have been severely injured.

In fact, some viewers think Jen may have been injured to the point that she can't even remember killing Steve.

"Imagine if the crash gives Jen amnesia and she doesn't remember any of the last year. IMAGINE," one fan wrote on Twitter.


Oh... no.

Charlie will learn about Judy's past.

Compared to Jen's youngest son, Henry, Jen's oldest son Charlie hasn't always been the biggest fan of Judy.

And after finding the letter his mum wrote to Judy, their relationship could deteriorate even more.

In the letter, Jen had written: "I'm sorry I couldn't forgive you sooner for Ted".

Yep, it looks like Charlie could learn that Judy killed his dad, Ted.

Although Jen was eventually forgiving towards Judy, we're not exactly sure that this is going to end well if Charlie puts two and two together in season three.

Judy's mum could be released from prison.

Although Judy's mum was originally made out to be dead, it turns out she's actually in prison.

While Judy has decided that she won't be using her newfound wealth to help her mum get out of prison, some fans have questioned whether Judy's mum could be released in season three.

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Speaking to TV LineDead to Me creator Liz Feldman hinted that she wants to give fans "hope" for a reunion between Katey Sagal (Judy's mum) and Christina Applegate (Jen) in the future as the two actresses used to co-star on Married with Children.

Either way, we sincerely hope to see more of Jen and Judy on our screens soon.

Dead to Me is available to watch on Netflix now.

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