Just 8 crucial questions we need answered in Dead To Me season two.

WARNING: Many, many spoilers for Netflix’s Dead To Me season one up ahead. If you haven’t watched, get on that right now, bookmark this page and come back later.

Dead To Me season one was one of our favourite new shows in 2019.

Released, and definitely binged in its entirety in only a few hours way back in May 2019, the delightfully hilarious, dark and twisted series kept us laughing, crying and gasping right to the very end.

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The series starred Christina Applegate as Jen and Linda Cardellini as Judy, two friends who bonded over grief and drinking wine before a major secret tore them apart. It earned almost universal praise and left us with a major cliffhanger when (spoiler alert!) James Marsden’s character Steve ended up face down and bloody in Jen’s pool.

But so much – like, so much – has happened in the 12 months since we first watched the first season, we definitely needed to jog our memories before season two is released on Friday evening and we’re betting you do too.

Here are the questions we still have from the end of season one, and what we hope is answered during season two.

How did Steve die?

After draining all the money from his bank accounts, Judy tells police about Steve’s money laundering.

At the end of the season, he turns up to Jen’s house looking for her, but instead gets involved in an uncomfortable conversation with Jen by her pool. Jen asks him to leave and he refuses, then Jen pulls out a gun.

Judy gets a call from Jen, who asks her to come over, and the final scene is Steve floating in Jen’s pool.

Did she shoot him? Did someone else shoot him? If he was shot, surely someone in Jen’s quiet neighbourhood, or her kids just metres away in the house, heard it?


Who killed Steve?

dead to me season two
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There are theories that Jen was not the one who killed Steve, mainly because Steve fell face first into the pool, suggesting he was shot from behind, while Jen was standing in front of him. Suspicious.

One particularly passionate Reddit theorist suggests it could have been Jen's son Charlie who killed him, as Charlie was caught with a gun earlier in the season and had just returned to the house after a week or so of living with his grandmother.

"Jen did not shoot Steve, I'm sure of that," they said.

"What I think happened is that after Jen pulled the gun, Steve backed down and was walking away when Charlie clocked him in the head with a baseball bat or golf club, killing him," they continued.

"Could be that he did it because he thought he was protecting his mum from danger, or maybe he overhead the conversation and was lashing out at the guy who was there when his dad was killed. Either way, it's going to be really hard to claim self defence, which is why Jen called Judy rather than the police."

That makes sense, after all this is Dead To Me - practically anything is plausible.

What will Jen and Judy do with Steve's body?

Jen and Judy, two woman highly unqualified to dispose of a body, will need to do just that and we can already tell it will be a (very dark) comedy of errors.

Steve's a prominent businessman and people will definitely notice his disappearance, so they're going to have to get it done quickly - how the heck will they do that without anyone, especially Jen's children who are home when he ends up in the pool, knowing?


Will Judy be arrested for Ted's death?

The police and Nick both know Judy was involved in the hit-and-run that killed Jen's husband, Ted.

Detective Perez basically said that there was nothing the police could do about it at the moment, but they're getting closer and closer to solving the puzzle. The police are bound to be keeping a very close eye on Judy - which makes disposing of Steve's body and getting away with his death even more difficult.

Jen later learned Steve was also present when Ted was hit, which seemed to change her perspective on it, so could she withdraw her statement about Judy? Pretend she got her wires crossed? Possibly, but it would be harder to get Nick to back down.

Speaking of that... Are Jen and Judy cool?

Dead to Me fan theories
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Jen cut Judy out of her life after discovering she was the one who killed Ted, but after she found out Steve was also there - and with his body floating in her pool - she called Judy for help.

Does this mean she's forgiven Judy? Can you forgive someone for that, or will their relationship this season be based on needing to cover up a(nother) crime? If Jen killed Steve, does that make them strangely... even? It will be interesting to see how their friendship plays out after all they've been through.

What about the money Judy gave Jen?

Judy gave Jen a massive cheque with Steve's money hidden in a gift to Henry, which turned Jen into a secret millionaire and recipient of cash obtained from money laundering. The cops know about Steve's crimes, and will probably be hunting down not only him but his money too. This cash could get Jen into a lot of trouble.


Will Steve's business associates come knocking?

After Judy confesses Steve's money laundering, he tells Jen his life is ruined and there's an impression his money crimes weren't on behalf of relaxed people who won't come looking for their cash. It's probable Steve's account was full of money that didn't belong to him and some dangerous people will be coming to look for it.

What happened to Nick's partner, and why is he on psychiatric leave?

nick dead to me season two
Image: Netflix.

Everyone in Dead To Me has secrets, and we're still to learn Nick's... although there have been some hints.

It's been said that his police partner was shot and he was on a leave of absence to heal. However, when he got invested in solving the hit-and-run case, another detective reminded Nick that he was out of work for psychiatric reasons. What does this mean? Could Nick have been the one who shot his partner? This would explain his visceral reaction to finding the gun in Charlie's backpack earlier in the season, where it was pretty clear he hated guns.

Thankfully, there is not much longer to wait until we (hopefully) have some answers.

Grab a wine glass and get ready to put your feet up - Dead To Me season two will be available from 6pm AEST on Friday, May 8.

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