Dead to Me is the new Netflix TV show you can literally binge watch in a day if you want to.


So far, May has been a bloody big month for new, binge-worthy Netflix TV shows and movies.

In the last week, we’ve been blessed with: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vilethe Ted Bundy film starring Zac Efron, an easy breezy Netflix rom-com called The Last Summer, and the epic documentary Knock Down The House, which follows four female congressional candidates trying to change the American political system from the ground up (including one of the youngest women ever to be elected to US Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).

It’s a lot. But if you only have time to watch one thing on Netflix before the weekend is over, make it the streaming service’s new TV series Dead to Me.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Dead to Me below, post continues after video.

Why? First off, it’s short. It’ll take less than five hours to devour this dark comedy series (we counted). But even better, Dead to Me has carved out its own Netflix sub-genre: the ‘traumedy’.

The show follows Christina Applegate’s Jen, an affluent mum recently widowed after her husband was killed suddenly by a hit-and-run driver, who is obsessed with calling in the number plates of any cars with ‘person-sized dents’ in them.


When Jen reluctantly goes to a grief support group, she meets Judy, played by Linda Cardellini. Judy also lost her fiancé Steve, played by James Marsden, and she and Jen bond over their shared sadness and the reality of returning to normal life when you’re muddling through the messiness of grief.

It's so good to see Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini on screen together. Image: Netflix.

Only, Judy isn't grieving. Because, Steve isn't... dead.

From here, the plot takes a dark/weird turn, while still maintaining its sense of humour, when everyone but Jen starts to suspect Judy isn't who she says she is.


Dead to Me dropped on Netflix in Australia on Friday May 3, and it's already got a big ole tick of approval from the people of Twitter for being ridiculously bingeable.





Well, we know what we're doing tonight...

Dead to Me is available to stream on Netflix now.

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