The other list Hannah Baker kept in 13 Reasons Why that is arguably just as important.

The first season of 13 Reasons Why was just that: 13 reasons why student Hannah Baker did not want to live any longer.

The show was shrouded in controversy, the topic of teen suicide dominated the news cycle and our debates for months to come.

However, now that the second season has aired, the show gives the audience unique insight into Hannah’s thought process before suiciding. The teen also writes a list of reasons why not to, as revealed in the final episode of the season.

In case you missed the detailed list, it’s right here for you: Hannah Baker’s 13 Reasons Why Not.

Mum and Dad – They will blame themselves, and it’s not their fault.

New York – I could get there someday. If not college, then after college. And maybe I could start over there.

Clay – He will also think it’s his fault, and it isn’t. He’ll think he could have saved me. But we can’t save people, not that way at least — it’s more complicated than that.

Writing – I might, might write something great one day. Get it published. Even be a writer. Seems unlikely — but possible.

Dad – Loves me without question. Always wants what’s best for me. Even though I’m mad at him, it would be unfair to him to leave.

Mum – I don’t know if she could live through it. She is always so on edge already. But maybe that’s already my fault. I know she loves me — I wish she knew that I knew.

Mum and Dad – Worked so hard to give me a better life. Would be letting them down.

Helmet – Is a genuinely good guy. And I genuinely like him. And maybe we’re supposed to be together. Don’t know. But maybe. If I go, we’ll never find out.

Maybe – Someday I could make a difference in someone else’s life.

Maybe – I’ll have a kid of my own one day, and maybe she could be that someone else.

Maybe – It’s not as bad as I think it is. Maybe it will get better.