Ellen Degeneres hilariously explains why she doesn't have kids.

There is a very good reason Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia de Rossi don’t have children.

And once you see this video… you’ll agree with them.

As part of a recent segment on her show, Ellen asked viewers to send in videos of their children getting up to mischief.

The segment, titled Why I don’t have Kids — Home Alone Edition, featured three naughty kids doing things that are every parent’s worst nightmare.

You can watch the video here for yourself.

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Video via TheEllenShow

When the first child asked his Mum for two minutes of privacy, she kindly gave it to him — before wondering why the situation seemed a little unusual.

She soon returned to the bathroom where her son was only to discover that he had drawn all over the walls.

As Ellen said, “You only gave him two minutes, imagine what he could have done with ten!”

Next up was a young girl who was upset because her parents wouldn’t let her play in the snow.

But the disappointment didn’t last long because her parents realised she had used her creativity to make her own snow angels… just with flour instead of frozen water.

flour angel
Look Mum, snow angels!

And just when you thought things couldn’t get worse or more embarrassing for a parent — along comes a young man with a love for stickers.

If only the poor love realised that what he was sticking across his face was not usually used to reward and entertain young children.

pad face
“I just love stickers!”

At least it’s safe to say that kids these days are certainly not losing their imagination.

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