A man just tried to mansplain a woman's own height to her and this is getting ridiculous.

Good lord.

The mansplainers of the internet have well and truly outdone themselves this year. And considering it’s only April it’s… pretty terrifying.

No, really, is there some sort of competition we don’t know about?

Joining Paul, the man who tried to explain the difference between a vulva and a vagina to a gynaecologist, and the guy who helpfully advised women everywhere how they can save money on tampons (thank you!) is a man on Twitter who just mansplained a woman’s height.

…With reference to her wedding photos and in response to a comment that was clearly a joke.

Oh mate.

You really need to… not.

The whole exchange came about when he made the very problematic claim that “shaking hands with a woman is like shaking hand with a child” because a handshake was designed as “a greeting between men to show their sword hand was empty”. (Look, we knew it wasn’t going to end well after that opening.)

Responding to his vomit-inducing comment, Twitter user Amy quipped, “Cool I’ll just slap you in the face then,” before joking that she was seven and a half feet tall.

As the conversation continued, the original poster then attempted to prove that the woman in question wasn’t in fact seven and a half feet tall – because obviously – by creepily digging up her wedding photos and drawing some trigonometry over the top of it.

Yes, really. It happened.

Read it and weep:

Because people love nothing more than to ruthlessly lay into a mansplainer on the internet (which we’re completely OK with) Twitter didn’t hold back.


Ahh, we love a mathematically-charged troll:




And our very favourite: