ROADTEST: The new Ultra Violette tinted SPF 50+ sunscreen that comes in 11 shades.

In news that will surprise approximately no one, I love sunscreen.

Why do I love sunscreen so much? Because it's something I neglected to apply diligently a decade ago, and now I use lots of fancy products and get expensive treatments to try and reverse a lot of the damage that could have been prevented if I just wore sunscreen every day from an earlier age. Sigh.

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But also, my dad had melanoma which eventually led to his passing, and skin cancer is a very real risk we need to guard from here in Australia.

But back to vanity. 

I wear sunscreen every single day on top of my skincare and before my makeup. Though some days, when I am 'mumming', I don't wear makeup at all, so stop after the sunscreen step.

I love those 'off-duty' days I spend with my son, but sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think, "Oh goddess, I look like a tired, stressed 39-year-old working mother."



Even if I am feeling great and full of energy, my face doesn't always reflect that. It’s at those times I want a little *something*, you know? Not foundation. Not a full face of makeup. Just a little bit of blur and glow to give my complexion a boost.

Enter, Ultra Violette’s brand spanking new Dream Screen SPF50 Tinted Veil, which is a tinted SPF serum.

Image: Supplied.

As a refresher, or ICYMI, Ultra Violette is an Australian beauty brand launched by two female founders from Melbourne. 

It first hit shelves in early 2019 and basically revolutionised the facial sunscreen category. How? Because the range of sunscreens offered genuine skin care ingredients and benefits and felt like a serum or moisturiser, not like a thick, oily sun cream.

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Since the brand launched almost three years ago customers have been asking - begging - for a tinted sunscreen. And it’s finally here.

Co-founder Ava sent me a lab sample bottle to road test when the formula was in production about six months ago, so I have been trialling it in one form or another for the better half of a year.

Firstly, if you use and love the brand’s OG hero product, Queen Screen, you’re gonna jump for joy over the new Dream Screen, as it is essentially the same serum-like glowy formula, but with pigment added to give coverage.

Personally I use Supreme Screen, which is another one of their hydrating SPF 50+ products. 


To me it feels more like a moisturising day cream, which works really nicely on top of my morning Vitamin C serum on my combination skin. So, I wasn't sure if I was going to like that the new tinted version was more of a serum feel.

Luckily, I was wrong. Yes, it is very, very glowy. Too glowy for a combo complexion? Actually, no. 

After it dried down for five minutes or so it left a really beautiful radiance but didn’t look greasy - which we know is a fine line. If you’re dry, this product is made for you. 

Wearing Dream Screen on its own. Image: Supplied.

On days where I just want my face to look like 'my skin but better', I’d apply this as my last step and that’s it. And on days where I want to look 'done', I would also apply under eye concealer, bronzer and blush, and then finishing powder on the t-zone to slightly mattify those areas. 

Wearing Dream Screen with makeup products on top. Image: Supplied.


Basically, think of it as a sheer dewy foundation with sunscreen inside. 

Is this going to replace your non-tinted sunscreen, I hear you ask? Technically, no. 

Reason being is you need to apply a lot of sunscreen (probably more than you currently wear) to get adequate protection, and it’s really, really difficult to apply enough of a tinted product without looking and feeling like you have 2mm of foundation on your face. 

That’s why you’ll always hear beauty experts saying that the sunscreen in your foundation isn't adequate coverage - because you wouldn't be wearing enough foundation to tick that box. 

For that reason this formula has been designed to layer seamlessly on top of your non-tinted sunscreen. 

Impressively, it comes in 11 shades, which is pretty unheard of for a tinted sunscreen. I wear shade V3. 

Image: Supplied.

The new Ultra Violette Dream Screen SPF50 Tinted Veil officially goes on sale on Monday the 22nd of November and costs $55. 

BUT! I managed to persuade the lovely UV team to give Mamamia readers exclusive access to purchase it early! Here’s the link - happy shopping!

Feature Image: Supplied/Leigh Campbell.

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