Carrie Bickmore needs your help.

Carrie Bickmore.

Brave Carrie Bickmore.

Last night the gorgeous host of Channel Ten’s The Project spoke sincerely about raising awareness for brain cancer. It’s a cause close to her heart, Bickmore lost her husband, Greg Lange to the disease almost four years ago.

It was a moving and important segment that we urge you to watch.

Here, take a look for yourself.

As Carrie explained, brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among those under 40, claiming  1200 Australian lives per year. It’s also a little known fact that brain cancer causes one in three cancer deaths in kids under 10.

In its malignant form brain cancer is almost 100% fatal. With such startling statistics as these, it’s unbelievable so few people know much about this cancer. Our hearts go out to anyone touched by this tragic disease.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation is conducting research to help improve survival rates for people with brain cancer. Visit their website to learn more or make a donation.

To check out the full story, or for more from The Project, click here.

This Saturday at Mt Thredbo snowboarders will be raising money for Board Against Brain Cancer, click here to find out more.