Science says this one song will make your baby stop crying.

Cuddling or cajoling an inconsolable baby is all part of the parenting journey, but that doesn't mean it isn't a tough gig, especially when your baby is well-fed, watered, healthy and warm.

You just wish they could tell you what is wrong and go back to being their sweet little selves.

So, what if I told you there was a song that was SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to make your baby feel happy and stop crying?!

Developmental and musical psychologists at Goldsmiths University in London worked with songwriter Imogen Heap to design the perfectly named "The Happy Song" that literally hits all the right notes for tots. And their parents too.

The team worked with babies aged six months to two years and tested the music to find the right tempo, melody, and appealing samples, and voila, "The Happy Song" was born.

Watch and listen to The Happy Song by Imogen Heap. Post continues below.

Video via Imogen Heap.

Singer Imogen wrote the song when her daughter Scout was just two years old. 

According to Imogen's official website, Scout was a muse for the project, singing a melody while in the studio (later discovered to be Horsey Horsey, don't you stop) that inspired the early beginnings of "The Happy Song". Her love of transport helped bring together the song's words and Scout's dad Michael provided the whistle and some backing vocals too.


Imogen says that since the song's release, she's received plenty of positive feedback from parents.

"After playing 'The Happy Song', relieved parents often send me messages of thanks for those little ‘happy bubba’ moments, when it had seemed there was no hope of peace," Imogen writes on her Instagram page.

The comments all over the internet support the fact that the sweet vocals, tune and sound effects of "The Happy Song" are perfect for the intended audience.

"Thank you so much for making the happy song," mum Lacey commented on Imogen's Instagram.

"You’re seriously the best! My daughter used to scream and cry the entire time we were in the car, and now that we keep the happy song on repeat in the car, she’s a happy camper! Thanks again!"

Another mum said not only the song, but the animation by Penny and Lola helps her baby to stay calm and another mum said the song had "saved car trips" for her and her five-month-old son.

Check out the song here and try it on your baby next time they are inconsolable or you have a long car trip. I guarantee you too will hum along and feel soothed in no time.

Laura Jackel is Mamamia's Senior Lifestyle Family Writer. For links to her articles and to see photos of her outfits and kids, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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