“We protect each other at all costs.” The full Shore School muck-up day list has been leaked.

Warning: Some of the below descriptions are explicit and highly offensive. 

The muck-up scavenger hunt planned by Year 12 students at Shore, one of Sydney's most prestigious private schools, has been leaked in full online. 

Titled the Triwizard Shorenament, the student-devised competition outlines a list of activities that range from relatively harmless to criminal. 

"If anyone gets caught by a teacher/cops they will say that they were just having fun between the 5/6 of them and won’t mention the tournament," the document demands.

"What happens on the night stays within the night. No evidence is to be shared outside of the Year 12 2020 Shore community.

"Remember the boys’ code: We protect each other at all costs."

The full document was shared by journalist and author Clementine Ford on her Instagram Stories. 

Here are all the activities and how many points would have been 'awarded' to students if they had completed this hunt. Screenshots of the document are provided below. 

Five points:

- One team member makes it from one side of the carriage (touching wall) to the other without touching the ground in a train (video)

- Eyebrow slit (5 points per person)

- Group photo in only undies outside Queenwood sign (+35 naked)

- Group photo at SHORE, beers in hand (+35 naked)

- Tackie on Queenwood sign

- Human pyramid at Balmoral Rotunda

- Silly salmon into a bush

- Group photo outside Loretto in undies (+35 naked)

- Whole team photo with a security guard

- Go to a retailer in the city and scull a beer inside

- Group photo naked in front of Luna Park

- Group photo with cop 

10 points:

- Scream the game of 'Penis' on public transport as loud as possible (must turn heads) 

- Buy an item from a sex shop

- Get with an Asian chick

- Steal a street name/sign (+50 if you bring it to the finish line)


- Re-create the Avengers intro by jumping into Balmoral from the wharf and play it in backwards so it looks like your flying up

- Play porn out loud on public transport (pretend you have your headphones in and you don't notice) 

- Whole team scull a schooner each at the MOHO (video)

- Hookup with a random girl

- Get 1K+ views on a TikTok made on the night of doing one of the challenges

- Drop a cap

20 points:

- Finish an entire family box in 10 mins (team effort) - FILM THE WHOLE THING ON TIME LAPSE

- S*** on public toilet seat

- Pop up to a chick's Snapchat story with an audio message of you screaming and moaning (screen-record from start)

- Steal a school's sign or flag

- Wax your armpit hair

- Peek-a-boo (eyes open hookup)

- Convince a Restaurant to let one member wash 3 dishes

- Snort a line 

- Shoey a whole beer

- Sack whack a complete random walking past 

- Win $50+ on the slaps 

- Get a handjob

- Rail a cap

- Get with a belowie [person in the year below]

- Jump off balmoral wharf fully clothed 

- Jump off Rocky Point Island in Balmoral

- Get 10k+ views on a TikTok made the night of Scav

- Human bowling ball 

- Nang while ordering in Cremorne McDonalds

- Nang while buying something at Mosman 7/11

- Scream and moan in Mosman cellars until you get kicked out

- Tackie off the Ormeggio at The Spit Bridge

30 points:

- Get a hug from a thug (face tattoo) 

- Vodka shot out of a condom (half way full)


- Get with a lesbian

- Kiss a bald man on the head and make a wish out loud whilst rubbing it 

- Do a 30 second mannequin challenge on the middle of a busy intersection with Black Beatles playing as loud as possible (+5 bonus points for every stranger participating)

- Act gay and purchase JungleJuice at a sex store and have a whiff in front of the owner

- Purchase nangs then do it in front of the store owner ASAP (video)

- Get back with your ex 

- Order a stripper

- Do a naked shoey 

- Group photo in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant with head chef 

- Double dunk cap

- Catch a bird with your hands

- Have a beer with a teacher

- Nudie run down a whole street

- Smoke your mates pubes

- 6 cruisers in 6 minutes

- Eat a live small animal

- Three-way kiss

- Get a 'feature' on the pokies

- Get with a chick which is 3/10 or lower (photo of the chick + the dirty work)

- Recreate your favourite fight scene in Star Wars 

- Perform a sex scene on the stairs of a church, with a person 'finishing' loudly 

- Get a free beer, any means necessary

40 points:

- Glenn McGrath a soft serve at the cashier at Maccas

- Give a stranger a 40 second lap dance/strip tease 

- Get a gay man's number (photo)

- Go to a brothel

- Eat a fish whole

- Human pyramid in car park of Cremorne McDonald's (stranger must be top)

- Photo with a street sign of your name (can only be done once)

- Dye your teammate's hair a vibrant colour  

- Drink a whole bottle of olive oil 


- Jump into the harbour at Circular Quay/ Darling Harbour 

- Turkey slap your mate

- Finish a jug in 1 minute at Moho

- Lemon squeeze in eyes

- Duct tape or cling wrap a team mate to a pole (photo)

- Sex someone in a park

- 69

- Get with a mate's sister

- Roll an eshay

- Bury yourself in the sand for a photo in Balmoral

- Shelve a cap

- Run it straight with a random and deck them

50 points:

- Pour your own beer at a pub (video)

- Swim in a fountain (must collect $2.20 from the bottom)

- Get with someone's girlfriend

- Call and explain to your parents how you lost your virginity in detail or text

- Get with a Macca's worker behind counter

- Direct traffic with traffic zones

- Have a threesome

- Shave your head bald

- Sex with someone not in our year (lowie or abovie)

- Break a bus stop shelter

- Get head in a pub (photo)

- Get into the captain's room in a ferry

- 'Boar Hunter:' sex with a 80kg+ woman

- Push a random into the water at Balmoral wharf

- Jump into a random's pool at Mosman (Plus 50+ if naked)

- Flip off Spit Bridge 

- Eat a lit dart

- Get a happy ending

- Drop and spill chocolate milk in a supermarket and then scream out clean up on aisle 3 (video)  

- Whole team 100m undie run across Spit Bridge or Miller St (Monte to Shore) 


- Pierce your teammates ear

- Wet willy a cop 

- Put your nuts on your story

- Ask a stranger for a dart, then eat it

- Play Clash of Clans mid head

- Play Clash Royale while getting head

- Get with someone over 40

- Sex on Balmoral Beach

- Post on your personal Instagram a photo of you s***ing on the toilet (+10 for every team member who does after 1st person does)

- Get a skullet/mudflap

- Photo with Trump supporter (must be wearing a piece of Trump clothing)

- S*** in your hand and clap

- Stand on driving range while people hit balls

- Send a b**thole pic to a girl in our year (can't be girlfriend)

- Get kicked out of a club/pub/RSL (video)

- Piss yourself while you order Macca's/talking to random

- S*** in a golf hole

- Group photo at Opera House (f***ing waste of time but some naughty points)

100 points:

- Rip a cone on the Harbour Bridge

- Purchase every type of condom in Neutral Bay Priceline (waste of money)

- Cupcake a random (+100 if it's a cop)

- F*** one of your team mate's ex's with them there

- Get on the roof of a bus

- F*** a chick which is 3/10 or lower (Must be a photo of the chick)

- Break into Taronga Zoo

- Put your d*** on your story (minimum 12 hours)

- Scoll 700ml bottle of vodka 

- Have a convo with an officer beaming

- Drink a cup of your mate's tackie vom

- S*** on a car

- Public anal

- Get with a dude


- Butt chug a 1.25L Fat Lamb (must finish whole bottle) (video)

- Piss on a train

- Get a COVID marshal vest and organise a pub

- Perform a Tacky Shoey (video)

- Rip a cone of someone's pubes

- Nudie run Oxford Street 

- Boonk gang and steal a lobster (video)

- Bubbler (Todd Carney)

- Creampie someone

- S*** on Monte's Holy Grass 

- Shove an egg up your ass then s*** it out while making chicken noises

- Get a YTSB tattoo anywhere on your body (photo with evidence)

- Lose virginity

- Catch a pigeon and proceed to rip it's head off

- Get a tattoo of J-Macs masterpiece Shore emblem (as seen on front of the booklet) (photo with evidence) 

200 points:

- S*** on a train

- Get with someone below 15

- Lose virginity to a hooker

- The ultimate combo (cone, scoll beer, line, nang, dart in a row)

- 'Pakistan Sacrifice:' Eat 2 laxatives and a phaal curry (spicy curry) from Lavender Bay Curry **WARNING: WILL BE S***ING ALL NIGHT AND PROBABLY WILL WANT TO DIE**

- Get arrested. Must go to the police station in cuffs.

-  Get with a girl after she just copped a facial from someone else

- Send nudes to a family member

- Trifecta Spit (spit roast, spit on homeless man and jump off spit bridge) - video for all

- Do the whole night on foot

- 'Egg Boy:' Shave your entire body (buzz cut hair, pubes, legs, arms etc.) Shaving eyebrows +100

10,000 points:

- Get on a plane to Melbourne.

Here are the screenshots of the document, shared by Clementine Ford.

Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 


Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 

Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 


Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 

Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 


Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 

Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 


Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 

Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 


Image: Instagram/@clementine_ford. 

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