'The addictive new Netflix thriller I wanted to binge-watch in one sitting.'

What do you get when you mix that guy from Dexter with a quiet, gated British neighbourhood?

An addictive thriller so full of twists and turns you won’t want to switch it off.

The new Netflix series is called Safe and it’s the creation of crime writer Harlan Coben.

The thriller follows Tom (Michael C Hall) a new widow, who is plagued with grief because he was absent when his wife passed away.

One night, after attending a local house party, Tom’s teenage daughter, Jenny, disappears.

Filled with dread and fear, Tom starts searching the neighbourhood trying to trace Jenny’s last steps.

While on his little one man investigation, Tom starts probing into the private lives of his neighbours and begins to discover some shocking secrets.

It turns out a lot of the people living in the affluent, safe community are living sneaky little double lives.

Cue twists and turns, live-changing revelations, and scandalous goodness.

Only two episodes have dropped on Netflix Australia so far, but viewers around the world are already hooked.