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"There's one week left of The Bachelorette and I have... very complicated feelings about Ryan."

There’s a single sentence I’ve found myself whispering to friends, the bus driver, and the kind man who makes my morning coffee.

“I just don’t know about Ryan…” I say while shaking my head pensively and looking off into the distance.

They respond in one of two ways.

The first is: “Oh, me neither, I just don’t trust him.”

And the second is: “Ma’am. Who the f*ck is Ryan and why are you whispering in my ear like that?”

What a ridiculous question.

Ryan Anderson is obviously the intruder on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette who has just made it into the top four. He’s an island caretaker from Queensland, who has a passion for rescue dogs.

Watch the moment Ryan shared his secret with Angie on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. Post continues below.

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Now, don’t get us wrong. We all like the part where he fusses over dogs.

But liking dogs isn’t everything. And, as one woman on Twitter put it, liking dogs isn’t a personality trait. 


We learned that before the show began, Ryan and Angie were direct messaging on Instagram and while they (allegedly) never went on a date, apparently there was a lot of “banter” which everyone knows is code for “dirty nudes”.

And that’s fine. Ryan and Angie are free to send as many nudes as they like. But it feels like Ryan had an advantage by a) knowing Angie previously and b) having a special connection with dogs, which I don’t appreciate.

Since his arrival, I just get a sense in my gut but also my heart and also my brain, that something isn’t right.

ryan bachelorette
You look like you have secrets.

To be clear, I'm not talking about Ryan the human being. I'm talking about Ryan the character as edited by this team:

ryan bachelorette
Yea. You guys probs have some explaining to do idk.

Now that that's established, here is a list of reasons I have complicated and unresolved feelings towards Ryan.

  • I'm pretty sure the producers turn his mic down to give the illusion that he's always whispering and I don't like it
  • He always says the right thing which makes me suspicious
  • He refuses to be friends with any of the other men which is further evidence he's hiding something
  • He nearly had sex fully clothed with Angie on the television last night and I didn't like that either
  • I feel like Jamie distracted us for a number of weeks from the fact that Ryan is also always too close
  • He flirted too much with his dance partner, Lyndall
  • He said he would only go on The Bachelorette for Angie but then he low key also tried to go on The Bachelorette for Ali but got rejected and omg who would go on The Bachelorette for fame and not true love???? (Note: Everyone).

But it's not just me who is suspicious of Ryan...





Ryan is probably a lovely person who enjoys patting dogs and applying for multiple reality television programmes.

I just don't want him to win The Bachelorette.

Do you have unresolved feelings about anyone on The Bachelorette? Let us know in the comments below. 

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