7 quick, easy news bites. It IS Friday, afterall.


Welcome to the beginning of the weekend! I’m off to Brisbane tonight to catch up with friends for the weekend and I hope you are too! Catching up with friends that is, not necessarily going to Brisbane. Anyhow, if you are and you’re likely to be talking about news, get a head-start right here…

1. Malcolm Turnbull turns on phone troll

Noticed this yesterday, a single tweet from the former leader of the Opposition and the Member for Wentworth: “I don’t mind abusive emails or tweets but why does Thomas Lynch [we’ve chosen to leave out the mobile number Turnbull left in] think its ok to send me abusive smses about climate change.” He went on to challenge some angry Twitter users who said he was being unethical by saying ‘we have to restore the ability to debate important issues without abuse or vituperation’. The man has a point.

2. You know how we thought Mila Kunis was cool? Not so much.

Mila Kunis, who we mentioned previously had accepted a YouTube invitation from a serving American marine to go to the marine ball has now reportedly backed out of the date, saying she was busy ‘filming two movies’. But why did she say yes to begin with? In other news, a female soldier has now asked Justin Timberlake to go with her on a date. So the pressure is on, JT.

3. Miranda Kerr named her son after dead boyfriend

Model mum Kerr has spoken about a love she had when she was younger, Christopher, and how she wrote him a letter after he died saying she would name her son after him if she ever had one. They had dated for two years. She said she ran the idea by her husband Orlando Bloom and he was fine with it. Kerr’s bub is named Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom.

4. Greens leader Bob Brown wants someone to watch the watchmen

He’s the most influential of the Greens Senators and now Bob Brown has called for an inquiry into Australian media, and a new watchdog. He said while the freedom of the press must never be curtailed, some media outlets in the country had become ‘hate media’. He said one journalist had warned him that his phone could be hacked, and that hacking may not be illegal in Australia. He later qualified his comments by saying that would need to be investigated.

Greenpeace, attacking a GM wheat crop at the CSIRO

5. Greenpeace break into CSIRO, destroy genetically modified crop

Members of Greenpeace broke into a Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) trial site where genetically modified (GM) wheat was being grown. Greenpeace said it was a secret crop that would begin clandestine human feeding trials later this year and that the CSIRO were in the pockets of mega-backers from GM companies in the United States, including Monsanto. CSIRO said it was weighing its options.

6. Ninth person arrested in phone hacking scandal, Murdochs accept invite to be quizzed

There are daily updates when it comes to the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Nay, minute-by-minute updates. Rupert Murdoch had declined to appear before a British parliamentary culture committee to be drilled about what he knew in the phone hacking scandal. His son James, chairman of News International, had suggested another date in August. But as of this morning it appears both of them will go next week after a change of heart. The pair had, however, already offered up News International CEO Rebekah Brooks to be quizzed. There has also been a ninth arrest: the deputy editor at the time the Prime Minister’s former press sec Andy Coulson was at the helm.

7. Internet ‘brain change’ is like the global warming of humanity, says Oxford neuroscientist

She’s a brain expert from Oxford University and makes the startling claim that Internet addiction in young people is rewiring the brain so significantly that it is like the climate change of our own species. Baroness Susan Greenfield says the Internet causes the brain to fundamentally change and kids are losing some of the primary methods of association: like touch and empathy because of it. Interesting.

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