"Can we please all just make a pact that 'New Year, New Me' doesn't start until February?"

It is my humble opinion that New Year’s resolutions are the source of all evil.

OK, not quite, but I do think they set us up to fail and feel crap about ourselves.

When I was a teenager, I always got such a thrill out of buying the December issue of Girlfriend or Dolly magazines and the bonus ‘New Year’s resolutions’ lift outs.

Filled with quizzes and charts to figure out who you would be next year, and goal setting templates to kick off the new year right, I filled out every single section in detail. The idea of ‘next year’s me’ being infinitely healthier, hotter, more organised, more popular and with better grades was intoxicating.

Even now as an adult, I’ve always set myself an ambitious list of resolutions to get stuck into after Christmas and New Year’s.

It’s a great (and hopeful) plan… that is, until you get to January 4 or 5 and go right back to doing whatever you were doing before, which makes you feel really shit about yourself.

That is why I have a proposition for you.

I would like everyone on earth (and social media) to make a pact that none of us will start on our New Year, New Me quests until February.

There are a couple of reasons why this is a truly excellent idea:

1. Many of us are hungover on January 1.

A new year always brings a clean slate, but let’s be real.

Most of us vomit on that clean slate on January 1 after our New Year’s Eve plans the night before.

It’s never a good idea to embark on a new plan or routine when you’re hungover, and seeing as January 1 will be a write off, might as well bide your time and make careful, considered plans to start on February 1.

Your only goal for Jan 1 should be relaxing in the sun or keeping solid foods down.

On that note, here are five foods that’ll help your horrid hangover, post continues after video.

Video by MMC

2. It’s more likely you’ll stick to your goals in February.

There’s also a mathematical reason why February is a far superior month to start making new habits.

Literally, there are less days in February than January.

Less days means you’ll get through the month quicker, and get through one month of whatever your new routine/goal is faster. Getting through it faster will help motivate you to get through the next months, too. Makes so much sense, no?

3. January is basically still within the silly season.

Just like December with Christmas parties and catch ups, January is still a troublesome month.

For example, many of us don’t even go back to work until the second or third week of Jan. If you’ve got kids, they sometimes don’t get out of your hair and back to school until late Jan.

We’ve also got the Australia Day weekend in January, which usually involves more barbecues, social engagements and lots of eating.

None of the above make for a good environment for routine to thrive. February, however, is a great time to kickstart a new goal once you’re back at work and have the structure to implement a new routine.

And is it really so bad to want to hold onto those holiday vibes a little bit longer? No it is not.

So come on, guys, Let’s all gives ourselves a break and start living our #newyearnewme lives in February.

March or April is also fine too.

What do you think about New Years’ resolutions? Do you think we put too much pressure on ourselves?