Missy Higgins had to leave the stage during a recent concert, and mothers everywhere will understand why.

Australian singer Missy Higgins abruptly left the stage mid-concert in Sydney on Sunday, and later apologised to fans for her sudden departure.

The heavily pregnant singer was performing at Anita’s Theatre in Thirroul, south of Sydney, when she unexpectedly left the stage. The reason for her urgency?

She needed to go to the bathroom – and immediately. Hence the – ahem – ‘pregnant pause’ in her music.

Even though it’s an uncontrollable urge – due to the extra pressure on the bladder – that every woman who’s been pregnant can relate to, Higgins still felt she should explain herself to the people who had paid to see her.

“That was incredibly awkward, that has never happened to me before,” she reportedly told the crowd upon returning to the stage, according to The Daily Mail.

Luckily, her backup singers literally had her back, and happily improvised during her absence by singing “Missy is doing a wee.”


The 34-year-old singer announced she is expecting her second child with husband Dan Lee, while she performed before Ed Sheeran’s in Perth, in March this year.

The couple are also parents to three-year-old son Samuel Arrow Lee.

As this is Higgins’ second pregnancy, she obviously knew her body well enough to listen to the ‘call of nature’ immediately, and her candour about it later is one of the reasons way Australia adores the Melbourne-born singer.

All working pregnant women know that a sudden, overwhelming need to use the bathroom is an ‘occupational hazard’ that can’t remotely be managed by crossing your fingers – or legs!

Here are some of the other occupational hazards that pregnant women know all too well to be true:

  • Questions…endlessly, from bosses, to co-workers, to the delivery guy – everyone wants to know when you’re due and if it’s a boy or a girl.
  • The endless cycle of dehydration/needing to wee will rear its head at the most inconvenient times.
  • Morning sickness can strike all day, but rarely during long meetings when an excuse to leave would be most welcome.
  • The awkward stage towards the end of the first trimester when work clothes look a little tight, but the pregnancy announcement hasn’t been made yet.
  • Napping in the bathroom becomes more necessary, but less comfortable.
  • Friday afternoon drinks in the lunch room become the most loathed times of the week, because even most of the cheese board is off-limits.