The painfully awkward moment Donald Trump tried to hold Melania's hand. Again.

Melania Trump has once again shown that she really doesn’t like her husband holding her husband’s hand.

In footage captured during a visit from French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte, US president Donald Trump is seen attempting a hand-hold as she resists – for about 12 excruciatingly awkward seconds.

The Russians allegedly have a tape of Donald Trump and two Russian escorts peeing on a bed, and Mia Freedman couldn’t be more excited.

First, he brushes her hand and nothing. Then he tries again with what’s being described as a pinky wiggle, before he grabs hold and reluctantly, without a choice really, Melania squeezes back, stoney-faced the entire time.

Now, we’re not body language experts, but it sure seems like she hates him.

It’s not the first time the president’s attempt at a PDA hasn’t gone exactly to plan.

In February he failed to grab her hand, instead settling for his coat sleeve. And in May last year, she actually swatted away his hand as he tried to grasp it while walking down a red carpet after landing in Tel Aviv.

Melania Trump swatting away Donald’s hand. Post continues.


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