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Errrr... are Keira and Jarrod back together? An investigation.

We were just a little bit broken hearted when Bachelor in Paradise couple Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate broke up in August. Which is perhaps why we are all too willing to read into their weekend brunch date as a sign they are back together.

The former couple went out for brunch on Sunday – which Keira documented on her InstagramStories.

Now, we hear you thinking: “but exes who split amicably catch up for coffee all the time – breakfast isn’t exactly the most romantic meal of the day.”

However, dear readers, we have an important detail to add: they drove to the cafe – Fourth Chapter, in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran – together. For that to happen Jarrod, who was driving, needed to have picked Keira up from somewhere OR did they arrive together because they spent Saturday night together as well?

Either way, that’s not typical “we’re-trying-to-be-friends-but-it’s-still-a-bit-awkward” ex catch-up behaviour.

Keira Maguire documented her brunch with Jarrod Woodgate. Image: Instagram

The Instagram influencer and winery manager certainly looked comfortable together in the car in the clip Keira posted, which she dubbed with Halsey's song 'Without Me'. Given the lyrics playing were "thinking you could li-i-ive without me' we're also taking this as a cryptic hint that maybe the pair is about to reconcile.

Apart from the cutesy brunch date, there haven't been a lot of clues the exes are back together. But one sign we are clinging to is that neither has moved on or even hinted at dating anyone new in the almost three months since they split.

They would certainly have had to work through some sore points if they did reunite. Following their breakup, Jarrod and Keira gave slightly opposing views of their break up, but it basically boiled down to the same thing: Keira's job as an influencer caused issues.

And given that the reality star chose to document this brunch date on Instagram, we're not so sure they have worked this part of their relationship out yet.

For now, we can only conclude that the door isn't totally shut on a reunion, but we're going to wait for some more evidence before we call it.