The countries with the healthiest eating habits have been revealed and WE'RE FOURTH.

Take a look at the dinner table in a dozen different countries and you’re going to find a dozen very different meals.

From portion sizes to colours to even the spices used, each country has it’s distinct culinary differences.

But which country boasts the healthiest diet?

A new study from travel experts Hayes & Jarvis has revealed the healthiest diets in the world, and some of the results are a little surprising.

The study looked at the national breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes from 34 countries around the world and ranked the countries based on the dishes nutrients and portion sizes.

In the breakfast segment of the new study, Australian cafe favourite zucchini fritters came third in the world.

Hong Kong’s breakfast of sweet and sour chicken and rice came out on top on the breakfast rankings list with its low salt and saturated fat levels and its high concentration of vitamin C.

Australia’s breakfast option was also beaten by Mauritius’ Smoked Marlin.

Side note – is sparkling water healthy? Experts weigh in. Post continues below…

Australia also ranked fairly high in the lunch department with avocado and Vegemite toast named as the 14th healthiest lunch meal.

The lunch list was topped overall by India’s Masala Dosa, Samosa from the Maldives and Sukiyaki in Japan.

In the dinner segment, Australia’s chicken parmigiana didn’t rank quite as highly.

The dish came in at 23rd on the list while New Zealand’s kumara fritters ranked 1st.

Overall, Australia ranked 4th out of the 34 countries for the healthiest national diet, beating out the US, New Zealand and the UK who ranked at 6th, 11th and 29th on the scale respectively.

The UK ranked particularly low on the list thanks to their combination of a full English breakfast, a Sunday roast, and chicken tikka masala.

On the other hand, the healthiest diet in the world overall went to India.

You can check out the full results of the study right here.

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