Married At First Sight's Erin has absolutely no idea how to shop for groceries.

Here are a few fun facts about Married At First Sight’s Erin.

She’s ‘married’ to Bryce. She’s 25 years old. She works in retail. She lives at home, and before last night’s episode, she had never been grocery shopping before. Ever.

Credit where credit is due, after moving out of her family home and in with her new ‘husband’ Bryce, Erin embraced exploring life outside her comfort zone.

She was going to cook him a meal. Lasagna, which I think we can all agree is a pretty good jumping-off point. But before conquering the carby goodness Erin had a preliminary battle to face – buying the ingredients.

As Erin wandered through the fruit and veg, she was pleasantly surprised. She needed carrots and zucchini, which were conveniently placed side-by-side in the fruit and veg shop. But then she entered un-chartered territory- celery.

“I’ve never shopped for food before,” she said nervously. “Can you even buy single celery sticks?”

And don’t even think about mentioning basil.

As she intently studied the list of ingredients given to her by her mum, Erin was self-effacing, funny and entirely aware of her inability to ‘adult’ in a way that would be deemed by most to be sufficient.

But people of the Twitterverse didn’t exactly see it that way.

Fans of the show were keen to jump in and mock Erin’s apparent domestic incapabilities.

“OMG Erin needs some basic life skills STAT! I’m dying!!” wrote one fan. Another suggested Erin’s lack of cooking/shopping prowess is the result of molly-coddling, saying “Erin’s parents have a lot to answer for.”

It should be noted that (despite a few garlic-related-emergency phone calls to her mum) Erin cooked what appeared to be a lovely lasagna. Bryce ate it, and despite Erin’s fears that he would, he didn’t die!

No one was harmed in the making of this lasagna. Surprisingly.

Video via Channel 9

A lesson well learned, Erin. Maybe next week we tackle the tumble-dryer?

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