The theory that can explain why Nasser won't get intimate with Gab on Married At First Sight.

Oh, this is… scandalous.

He won us over with his love of his wedding shoes and his penchant for gossip, but it seems like Married At First Sight’s Nasser Sultan may have been hiding something from us all along.

It turns out that Nasser – who is currently fake-married to Gabrielle Bartlett on the show – may have had a secret girlfriend THE WHOLE TIME.

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Yep, scandalous.

In the last few episodes, the 50-year-old personal trainer has been struggling to connect and “get intimate” with Gabrielle, and it could very well be because he knew his real girlfriend would be at home, erm, watching the show.

An on-set unnamed “source” has told Now to Love they believe Nasser was leading a double life.

“On weekends, he’d disappear without a trace, leaving Gabrielle to wonder where her husband was, and struggling to understand what went wrong between them,” they explained.

And now, months after filming for the show has wrapped up, the source firmly believes Nasser was seeing another woman the whole time.

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“Gab felt really betrayed and let down. She’d suspected something wasn’t right throughout filming.

“He put no effort into her once the cameras stopped rolling. Nasser had a lot of charm, but he’d only bring it out in front of the camera,” the source said.

“He’s not a malicious guy – he just doesn’t think things through.”

Very, very interesting.

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