Yes, you can boost your career at any age. Just ask these women...

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It can be done.

Back in high school, you might have thought your whole future rested on the subject choices you made, the marks you got and the course you chose for your further education.

However, speak to most working adults and they will tell you their career pathway has changed multiple times.

So how do you turn things around if your career is not where you’d like it to be yet?

We spoke to two women who have given their careers a boost at a later stage in life. Wendi-Lee and Samantha are both Evocca College students who took advantage of the flexibility, tailored study plan and tutor support that the college offers to totally transform their careers and lives.

After being on maternity leave for ten months, Wendi-Lee felt she needed to update her skills in business administration.

“I wanted to change the way I felt when applying for jobs. I wanted to feel confident about the skills I had when sitting in an interview. I needed that to change in order to help provide for my family,” she says.

“I chose Evocca because I was able to start as soon as I wanted, and could work at my own pace. Knowing that I had my own tutor to guide me through my studies helped me feel at ease about studying again.

“They provide a safe, professional and fun environment to study in. The tutors are always willing to help, and they hold classes that teach you how to study correctly. It was the perfect learning environment for me.”

Mother of two Samantha explains she’s had a “winding road of life” so far in her career.

“I never went to university, and straight out of high school I started working for my local council. I was there for nearly eight years before I decided to move back to my hometown, where I worked for a while in logistics before starting a career in banking,” she says.


“During this time, I met and married my husband and became a mum. About a year ago, I realised that returning to my previous occupation was not an option. The stress and the long hours of a bank manager aren’t very compatible with motherhood, or at least the type of mother I wanted to be for my children.”

Samantha had fallen into her last few roles before taking maternity leave, but in her words, they didn’t make her heart sing – so she knew she needed a change.

“The self-reflection that comes when you are nursing your newborn made me realise I needed to do something creative with my life. I needed to upgrade my skills so I could be creative and I could earn an income that would allow me to be present for my children,” she says.

“Evocca College popped into my social media feed at a time when I was contemplating how I was going to approach my career. A quick look at the courses on offer led me to Digital Media Technologies, which I felt I would be able to build a business around.”

Samantha started her business part-way through her course and is now using her assessments for the diploma to help with activities in her business.

She has some valuable advice for other women thinking about a career change.

“Returning to study to enhance your skills or to completely take you in a different direction can be scary. Sometimes you might not even be sure what you want to do. If you think that further education might be for you, go and chat with a course advisor, learn about the courses on offer and take a look at the detailed units for each. You might surprise yourself and find a course that really interests you,” she says.

Have you ever changed careers, or are thinking about changing?

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