18 women share the bridesmaid looks they genuinely loved.

Watching a friend or family member marry the love of their life is a beautiful moment. Especially if you're one of the few chosen to be a bridesmaid.

You get to be involved in the planning and stand beside the couple on their special day. But what you wear — well, generally that’s the brides choice.

Sometimes it turns out great and you love the dress and makeup chosen for you. Other times… not so much. But hey, it’s her day, right?

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So in the name of inspiration for future brides and bridesmaids to be (now that we can finally attend weddings again), we spoke to 18 ladies who have legitimately loved their bridesmaids looks - some so much so they actually wore them again.

Whether it be the hairstyle, the makeup, the dress or the lot, they told us exactly why they liked these looks so much.


tayla-leigh-1Image: Supplied 

"With the most chill bride, we all chose our preferred dress colour for the gorgeous linen wrap dresses. And then I did most of our hair, everyone did their foundation and I did the rest of their makeup. Not a professional at all, just love doing hair and makeup, and the bride wanted us to 'look like ourselves but a little better'."


mari-1Image: Supplied. 

"I was Maid of Honour at my sister’s wedding and the only bridesmaid. I wanted a dress that was modern and not typical of a bridesmaid to match the theme of the wedding. I was also after a dress I could wear again.

"On the day I wore Dion Lee matched with open-toe nude heels. As the pleats of the dress were a statement on their own, I had loose waves and neutral makeup with a peachy lip! For jewellery, I had drop earrings by Amber Sceats with gold-plated charms and freshwater pearls to match my sister’s pearl earrings. I also wore a couple of fine gold-toned rings.

"Although I loved the whole look, the dress was and is very special."


anna-camiller-1Image: Supplied.  

"I loved the colour of the dress and the silk/satin was so feminine and comfy! I loved our hair too, because it was practical but modern and luxe. It was a curled low pony with curled fringe."


georgia-o-reilly-1Image: Supplied.  

"I would have to say it can be stressful being a bridesmaid but you make up for it by getting pampered on the day!

"My sister’s wedding was in Bali so due to the humidity, we decided on ponytail hairstyles. I have really thin hair so decided to get extensions for it and fell in love with them! My sister also decided on each bridesmaid having a different dress so we were each unique and confident."



laura-morrisby-1Image: Supplied.  

"I was recently a bridesmaid for my sister and we all wore different dresses in white! I wore a jumpsuit, which I adored because my sister and I look quite similar, so I didn’t want people to confuse us."

laura-m-2-1Image: Supplied.  

"Also, the makeup was pretty much the same with everyone. Very dewy! It was a Tasmanian makeup brand called Mooie, and it was amazing! I had to get my makeup done at 8.30am and it lasted the whole day."


87894271_10163235179785652_7779504757512601600_n-1Image: Supplied.  

"I was the only bridesmaid for my sister when I was younger... it was a very classic look with a dark blue dress, and simple but elegant hair (I was rocking a fringe too) and makeup."

louise-hogarth-1Image: Supplied.  

"I was then a bridesmaid for my best friend a few years later... I had recently participated in the world's greatest shave so was a bald bridesmaid. This time I wore a peach number.

"Both times the dresses really suited my body shape, and the colours were delicious!!"


bek-1Image: Supplied.  

"I was the maid of honour for my sister. The dresses were amazing. Each dress was individual, but perfect for us. Hair and makeup definitely topped it all off."


despina-1Image: Supplied.  

"I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends and I absolutely adored our dresses! There were six of us, and each of us were so comfortable. The overall vibe was great and complimented each of us in some way."


kathleenImage: Supplied.  

"I have been a bridesmaid six times! This was my favourite look. It was different and fun to wear. We all wore a different colour skirt and they suited all three completely different body shapes."


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"This was the most epic bridesmaid outfit. Jumpsuits for maximum dancing ability and sensible shoes. Our gorgeous bride was so low key and wanted us to feel ourself. It was hands down the most comfortable I have been as a bridesmaid. No blisters, no digging strapless bras, no long dress to trip on. So good."


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"The dress was Shona Joy but bought second hand on Facebook marketplace for $50. I sweat a lot and was concerned about having sweat marks in photos on a lighter coloured dress (especially with a fake tan!) so I was happy with the black. I was absolutely obsessed with my makeup — the bride wanted glowy but natural, and I think it's perfect! Typical Melbourne weather... it rained, so I was glad to have a high pony keeping it looking fresh and tidy into the night!"


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"I’ve been a bridesmaid twice — the first time in 2012. There were four of us and we all wore an electric blue dress that were really comfortable, especially given it was 43 degrees! The lining of the dress stuck to my legs for most of the ceremony but you couldn’t tell.


"The second time was in 2016 and we wore navy blue and the sides had a lace panel.

Image: Supplied. 

"The bride didn’t have a colour scheme in mind or a particular style, just that she wanted us to be comfortable, and then was planning the rest of the wedding colour scheme once we had the dresses sorted. Both brides were very relaxed when picking dresses."


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"I was a bridesmaid at 35 weeks pregnant late last year in Tasmania. The wedding was at a winery out of Launceston and I couldn’t have been more obsessed with the green velvet gowns we wore. They were so flattering, but felt stretchy and comfortable, and [mine was] even custom altered to fit my bump. The makeup and hair was so soft and classy, and the white rose bouquets pulled it together so well. My absolute favourite bridesmaid look. Wish I could look and feel this glam every day."


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"I loved my hair as I hardly ever have it curled because it falls so fast, and had so many compliments on my makeup even though it was a lot heavier than what I am used to being a mum!"


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"I loved how different the print and style of our outfits were to usual bridesmaid dresses. And the colours were so well matched with our flowers and throughout the venue. It brought so much colour and happiness to such a memorable day!"


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"I’ve been a bridesmaid five times and each dress has been quite different! The fourth and fifth times were for my sisters' weddings: one sister chose a navy blue fishtail style full-length gown and the other sister had us in pale pink midi dresses (which were pretty much maxis on us shorties!). Both styles were chosen to be flattering and comfortable. Both sisters got married in March (two years apart) and thankfully both had our hair up in ponytails."


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"My best friend Andi let us choose our own dresses for her wedding, and at first I was a bit suspicious that they would all clash with different shades of white. We had two of us with shorter dresses and two of us with longer dresses, but somehow it worked perfectly. 


"The dresses all suited our shapes and personalities and no one felt uncomfortable. Andi has also always been brilliant at anything to do with styling or beauty, so she got Natalie Wright to do our makeup, and it was perfect. I've never felt comfortable getting my makeup professionally done because I feel like they don't understand my face, but Nat was really intuitive. One of Andi's close friends (who's a hairdresser) did our hair, and I loved it. We all felt really good and comfortable, and Andi obviously looked like the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!"


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"I loved this outfit so much because the bride let us pick a dress we were all comfortable in. The three bridesmaids went shopping together and we found this dress straight away and loved it! The colour suited the theme of the wedding perfectly and the style was really flattering on all of us. 

"You can't see it in the picture, but we also had gorgeous black heels which are so versatile! I've worn the shoes so many times for events, work functions, and fancy dinners, plus I've worn the entire outfit again for a charity ball! I felt so comfortable and confident all day. Best bridesmaid dress ever!"

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If you have a bridesmaid look that you loved, share a photo of it and why in the comments below!

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