From avocado to strawberry: Just 5 natural ingredients your dry and damaged hair will love you for.

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Hair is a fickle thing.  

Between all the colouring, sweaty gym ponytails, split ends and changing weather conditions, it’s no surprise that sometimes we’re in need of a treatment to do some heavy lifting and refresh our damaged hair.   

Just like skincare or makeup, the ingredients we choose to help are important and they don’t all give the same outcome.

Bear Fruits has done the hard work for us, with their range of hair masks featuring natural ingredients like delicious fruit extracts and nourishing oils. 

Each treatment has a hero ingredient for whatever our hair needs, works in 30 minutes and includes a super adorable reusable cap to keep our hair under wraps while the nutrients get to work! 

They’re also 100 per cent cruelty free and vegan too, which makes it easy to relax while the mask does all the heavy lifting.  

So let’s talk ingredients.


We all know how great avocados can be as part of your breakfast but did you know they’re fantastic at helping to nourish damaged hair? 

Avocados contain natural oils and fatty acids that are hydrating and beneficial for all hair types, but especially dehydrated hair. 

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You can find them in the Avocado Oil Repair + Nourish Hair Mask, along with a super cute matching avocado cap to keep your hair tucked up and away while the treatment gets to work.  

Beyond hydration, the fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals like biotin, potassium and magnesium, which can help to strengthen the hair and help it look healthy and shiny. 

Whilst they can work for all hair types, the oils can feel a bit heavy if you have fine hair, so concentrate the product from the lengths down to the tips of the hair.

Image: Bear Fruits/Mamamia.



Now this one may seem a little out of left field but grapefruit extract is a fantastic ingredient for your hair, especially if you’re chasing a bit of volume and bounce. 

With the Bear Fruits Grapefruit Volume Hair Mask & Cap, the strong blend of antioxidants helps to balance the oils produced on the scalp, helping to give volume at the roots. 

Just like your skin, UV rays and other external aggressors can also damage your hair and cause oxidative stress, which can impact the colour and integrity of your hair. 

The Vitamin C found in the grapefruit extract can help to repair the damage and seal the hair. 

Combined with hydrating ingredients in a mask, it helps to give that bounce back to your hair and give that overall healthy shine. 

This is especially great for anyone that might be struggling to get volume at the roots or coloured hair that’s looking a little sad. 

Image: Bear Fruits/Mamamia.

Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera is such a fantastic soothing and hydrating ingredient, but it’s not just for sunburn! It’s rich in Vitamins C, E and B12 that help nourish and strengthen hair. 


Combined with the superstar hair ingredient argan oil, you get the Flamingo Smooth + Soften Hair Mask & Cap for the full “I can’t stop touching my hair” treatment. 

Working in under 30 minutes, the mask is an intense conditioning that comes with the cutest cap yet – a bright pink flamingo. 

In the same way it can work for your skin, aloe vera may help to reduce irritation at the scalp and provide deep hydration for the hair follicles. 

The best part is that aloe vera can be beneficial for all types, whether you’re struggling with oil or really brittle, dry and damaged hair. 

This is the true all-rounder of the group and the ingredient to help if you need a hair treat but don’t really know where to start. 


Now this one is for everyone looking to breathe a bit of life back into your dull, damaged hair. 

Pineapple enzymes are rich in nutrients that the Pineapple Detox + Revitalise Hair Mask & Cap helps deliver straight to your hair follicles. The result? Improved thickness and elasticity.  

The Vitamin C from the pineapple can also help to reduce brittle strands, which can lead to less hair fall out or fraying ends. 

Similar to how we talked before about the antioxidants in grapefruit, pineapple extract can help repair the damage from environmental stressors for more radiant looking hair. 

This is great for people with more fine hair that’s prone to breakage or frizz, or anyone feeling like they want that ‘salon at home’ intensive treatment.   

Image: Bear Fruits/Mamamia.



Strawberry extract is a really underrated hair care ingredient and could be the secret to shinier, more manageable hair. 

The key is Vitamin B5, which is a vital vitamin for healthy hair and found in abundance in strawberries. 

It’s this, along with the other conditioning ingredients found in the Strawberry Detangle + Shine Hair Mask & Cap that helps you get one step closer to the healthier, knot free hair of your dreams.  

The strawberry extract, loaded with this Vitamin B5, is responsible for boosting the water content and elasticity in the hair. 

This helps it have that smooth outer surface that makes it easier to slip past other strands and reduce your tangles. 

If you have thick hair that’s difficult to manage or curly, knot-prone hair, this one may be for you. 

Image: Bear Fruits/Mamamia.

Now that might seem like a lot, but there really is a hair care ingredient out there just waiting to treat your dry and damaged hair. 

If none of the above tickle your fancy, there’s always the well-known and delicious coconut to step in and give you that really intensive hydrating experience. 

Looking for a hair refresh? Shop the Bear Fruits range, with the cutest hair caps and beautiful natural ingredients, at  Priceline.

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bear fruits
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