7 effortless hairstyles that are set to replace your slicked-back bun.

ICYMI, the slicked-back bun has had a MAJOR moment over the last couple of years. HUGE. 

While we once would've spent ages styling our hair for 'going out', these days we're after something that's sleek and simple - and a minimalist bun is where it's all at. 

Being in lockdown for 84 years meant we didn't have to take AGES styling our hair. We slathered on masks. Bought some Olaplex. Slicked it all back.

See? Polished. Chic. No-fuss.

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But if you've been rocking the same look for a while now and looking for a way to switch things up - we get it. Sometimes you just need a lil change.

So, here are seven other effortless styles that are chic and easy.

1. Stretchy headbands.

Call mum, I'm scared.

I joke! I joke. Headbands are officially back in and looking cool again! No, not those weird knitted ones or the ones that used to hurt the back of your ears - we're talking about the soft, jersey ones you loop over your face.

Worn with your hair out, it's the easiest way to pull everything back and open up your face with zero effort.

Lauren Conrad would be SO proud, you guys.

2. Messy topknot.

While we all bloody froth over a polished, sleek hair look, there's always something so sexy about a messy bun. Swept off your face in a topknot, you can team it with a few soft tendrils which frame the face for a casual, 'undone' look.  

The best part? It's the perfect style for dirty hair. In fact, the dirtier the better.



We know, we know! How do you get it looking so lustrous? So perfectly undone? So... non-Miss Trunchbull like?

All fair questions, friends. The good news is that celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton answered all of them in a recent TikTok.

So, if you're looking for the quickest and easiest way to nail a messy topknot, follow his steps below (it's perfect for thick or thin hair):


3. Slicked-back ponytail.

If you're all about the sleek look, but want to give the whole bun thing a break, why not switch it up ✨slightly✨ with a voluminous low (or high!) ponytail. 



Looks chic AF, no?

4. Faux fringe.

Fringes are a big commitment. They're not exactly low-maintenance and can be fickle AF when it comes to upkeep and styling. 

Enter: the faux fringe.

Perfect for dames with curly hair and texture, the faux fringe basically involves sweeping your hair up high (clips are your friend, here) and positioning the ends of your hair around the front of your face to form a 'fringe'. 

Piece it out longer around the sides and shorter towards the centre to frame your face with some natural-looking layers. *Drool*.


5. Claw clips.

Claw clips are back - and they're cooler than ever, friends. 

Keep things casual and use a claw clip to pull back your hair, leaving out your fringe/tendrils - allowing your hair to frame your face for a relaxed and effortless look. 

Weekend look, sorted.


6. Half-up half-down.

Keep those claw clips handy! 

The half-up half-down style is another totally fuss-free look that still gives you length, but is way more interesting than leaving your hair out. Plus, it lets you play with some volume at the crown.

It's also a super versatile style - the portion you take back can be pulled into a ponytail, space buns, a braid... whatever you fancy!

7. Low pigtails.

Oh hey, face-framing pigtails! Where have you been for the last 20 years?

Perfect for when you want to load up on hair oil or nourishing masks, low pigtails are a great low-key style that still looks cute and fun, without too much effort.


Would you try any of the above styles? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram; @lauramvila; @flex.mami.