Please, whatever you do, don’t go and buy a tiny washing machine for your beauty blender.

Friends, we need to have a chat

A chat about tiny washing machines for your beauty blenders.

Earlier this year, an American beauty blogger by the name of Tiffany Lynette Davis unwittingly (or perhaps, wittingly) started the next social media beauty fad when she shared a video washing her beauty blender makeup sponge in a toy washing machine.

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Video by MMC

The blogger told Huffington Post at the time she originally bought the fully-functional replica appliance on Amazon for her doll house, but then had the brain wave to try washing her makeup sponges in it.

And here we are.

Without going into too much detail because I don’t want you to get too excited about the product, these mini washing machines work exactly like a regular washing machine.

They have a spinning basket inside you can pop a sponge into before filling it with a small amount of warm water and gentle soap and setting on a spin cycle. The machines also have a drainage pipe.


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It’ll cost you between $10-20 to get yourself one of these battery-powered machines and to be honest, they do look quite cute.

But… have we really reached a point in this world where it’s now necessary for one to own an absurdly small washing machine to wash one’s makeup sponge?


We have not.

And if you truly believe you need one of these gadgets over hand-washing your makeup sponges and brushes for free and with minimal environmental impact, I’m sorry to say you’ve lost the plot.

Same goes for mini beauty fridges.

As in, the tiny mini fridges people are plugging in to keep their skincare cool, even though many skincare products aren’t formulated or haven’t been tested to be stored cooler than room temperature.



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Look, it’s not entirely your fault that you really want to buy these cute but entirely unnecessary ‘beauty tools’.

They look stunning on Instagram and if they could selfie, you know they’d be pros at finding the light and holding the camera up high.

But before you go spending $15 (plus $25 postage) on a makeup sponge washing machine and/or anywhere from $50 to $150 on a mini skincare fridge, ask yourself:

  • Do I need another thing? For most us, the answer is no.
  • Will I actually use these or will they end up collecting dust in a cupboard or thrown into landfill once I’ve taken the perfect photo for Instagram?
  • How much electricity will I need to use and pay for to keep the skincare fridge running, when I already use and pay for power to keep my… actual fridge running?
  • How many batteries will I go through using the beauty blender washing machine? Will I need to change the batteries every time?
  • And what about the packaging these items come in? How much bubble wrap will I inevitably be chucking in the bin when they arrive?
  • Could I, perhaps, put face masks in the kitchen fridge and wash my beauty sponges with warm water, a bit of gentle soap and some elbow grease?

Thus concludes my argument.

So, please. Save your money. Save the environment. Save your sanity.

What do you think about beauty blender washing machines and other Instagram beauty trends? Would you use them in real life? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Not sure how to wash you makeup brushes? No worries, we’ve got an episode of You Beauty for that, get it in your ears below.

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