One of the Bachelorette boys originally auditioned to be The Bachelor.

The Bachelorette’s Sam Johnston was initially quite coy with regards to his extensive modelling portfolio upon entering the house, and now it seems he’s been coy about a little more than just some modelling cash flow on the side.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Sam admitted he initially decided to audition for The Bachelor instead of The Bachelorette. Just imagine, our two favourite ‘villains’ Keira and Sam could have actually been a thing.

“They asked me to try for The Bachelor first and I went through the start of the audition process,” he explained. “I wasn’t ready at the time and I thought this would be a great opportunity and more fun.”

Image via Channel 10.

Despite the fact it didn't quite fall into place, and he now finds himself on the Bachelor's sister series, Sam admitted he couldn't see any reason why doing this season was a bad idea, arguing he either walked out with a new love or a new bunch of friends.

“I am not opposed to falling in love by any means but worst case scenario is I make 16 good mates and one great chick mate or 16 good mates and fall in love with Georgia so I didn’t really see any negatives to this whole thing.”

More than that, he admitted that Georgia was definitely his type, and hinted that a relationship with her could be possible.

“She’s very driven and professional,” he said. “She is definitely the sort of girl I would go out with, 100 per cent.”

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If it doesn't work out between Sam and this season's Bachelorette, former Bachelor contestant Keira Maguire has already said she wouldn't mind dating the 27-year-old.

"How hot is Sam?" she said told Fairfax.

"Sam, if you are reading this, call me? I'll give you my digits."

She added: "If he does leave I would think about [a date]... Hopefully he doesn't win. Can you imagine if he does? Awkward."