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NO. After spending the night together, MAFS' Ning and Mark say they're "just friends".


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In news that will break the hearts of precisely every MAFS fan in the country, it looks as though Ning and Mark’s rumoured rekindled romance is… well, just that, a rumour.

Despite revealing they spent the night together following the MAFS reunion dinner party (get it girl), faux ex-husband and wife Mark and Ning have made it clear they are just friends and WE REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT.

To refresh your memories as we mourn the loss of MAFS from our lives; Ning was quick to tell Mark she was “just here for the food” on their fake wedding day, but the couple rallied becoming an unlikely fan favourite couple until the final commitment ceremony, where Mark walked away from their relationship.

Watch Ning and Mark’s very awkward first conversation at the altar. Post continues below.

All we wanted was for their deeply flawed and dysfunctional relationship to continue beyond the show, but both Mark and Ning have since confirmed there is no chance of a reunion this is not what we want to hear.

Speaking to the Hit Network‘s Weekend Breakfast with Dylan, Tanya & Angus on Saturday, Mark admitted the former couple haven’t even seen each other since the reunion episode.


“We haven’t seen each other since late January,” Mark told the hosts, after noting that he “can’t deny” they spent the night together after the reunion dinner.

He drove the point home (and crushed our hopes and dreams), adding: “We are still friends. We remain amicable. But we definitely aren’t together.”

Definitely aren’t together.


He also told listeners he had been inundated with women ‘sliding into his DMs’ looking for a date and Mark if those women aren’t Ning we don’t want to hear it.

Ning herself has put the rumours to bed, commenting on a post on the Mamamia Married At First Sight Lols Facebook group:

“Hey guys don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble Mark and I are just friends. We all need to re-evaluate our lives cause our lives are so so different. Thanks so much for all your support positive and negatives. The real question is what are we going to watch now?”

Thank you for your concern Ning but our bubbles are officially burst.

Speaking to Mamamia, she revealed Mark has since unfollowed her from Instagram.

She’s also heard from “reliable sources” that he’s actually seeing someone else.

Will we ever be OK?

No. The answer is no.